Palmistry: a teach-in by Reverend Mark Lewis

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Postby IAIN » Oct 2nd, '06, 13:48

It worked especially well as i had already predicted that she was going to ask me about her lovelife..

so it seemed natural she would think of her ring finger (even though i was examining her right hand) i leapt upon it even more so saying:

"its really become a major thing in your life this hasnt it - thats why you subconciously picked the third finger... you should relax more and let it happen naturally...which it will do as long as you dont force it...i can see you'll see the start of a very important relationship within the next three months or so..."

i read Mind Reading by Kenton for the first time over the weekend, i'd say with this course and that mixed you can have something very powerful indeed once you get confident with it all and get used to the vernacular involved...


Re: Palmistry: a teach-in by Reverend Mark Lewis

Postby mark lewis » Oct 31st, '18, 23:15

IAIN wrote: 8.5 out of 10 for me. I would say it might benefit the learning experience if it included a small crib sheet showing each major line and what it meant/where it was....

12 years too late I suppose but here you are!


The right hand represents what is going on around you now. The left hand represents the past and inherited characteristics. If you are left handed though the reverse applies.
Few lines on hand means a practical and down to earth person. Perhaps even a little sceptical.
Many lines on hand means a sensitive person who may even be a little bit psychic. Very creative. May tend to worry too much.

Short fingers means impatience and a dislike for beating about the bush. Long fingers denote an eye for detail and ability to get down to the nitty gritty.

Your head line represents your brain and how you use it. A Short head line means you can easily be underestimated. And you can underestimate yourself too. You don’t give yourself enough credit for your own ability.
A long head line indicates great intelligence especially if it is well defined. If the head line slopes deeply on to the mount of luna (see a palmistry book to find out where that is) it means that you have strong imagination. If the head line dips and slopes too deeply it means you get depressed at times.

The Heart Line represents love. If the line goes straight across it means you bottle up your feelings and you need space on your own. If the line curves towards your index finger (finger of Jupiter) that shows a good strong, ongoing relationship. If the line shows jaggedness that shows path of true love not always running smoothly.

If the head and life line are joined at the beginning it means you are cautious. If there is a gap it means you are impulsive.

The life line shows health. It does not show when you are going to die as the old myth goes. If the line is strong it does denote long life and good health. If it is weak you need to take care of yourself more. The length of the line is not important. It is the depth and how strong it looks that matters. However if the length of the line is long and it also appears strong you can certainly tell the client that they are quite likely to have longer than the average life span.
If there is a break in the lifeline it can denote a health problem in the past. Never say the future otherwise you will scare the client.

The fate line sometimes known as the line of destiny goes up the middle of the hand. If it is long and well defined it means you know where you are going and will probably get there. It shows success in career. If the line is short it means you haven’t quite decided what you want to do in life. If it is very close to your life line it means that you can easily be influenced by people. If it is far apart it means you are very independent.

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