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Postby Methyus » Nov 13th, '09, 22:19

Well, my package arrived yesterday and I must say, I am impressed! As we all know, it's not very often that an effect arrives at our doorstep and it's actually everything it claims to be and THEN SOME, but this one exceeded my expectations, which were already very high! We can only wish that every magic manufacturer took as much pride in the quality of their products as LCM! The effect itself is definitely a killer (if you'll pardon the pun) and I cannot wait to perform it live. There is no doubt that this one will give 'em the creeps!

The only complaint that I have is with the gimmicked PK card. You can see the gimmick poking up out of the picture. I think just about anyone would spot it pretty easily and they would be grabbing for the photo and wanting to examine it. You can definitely feel it in there too. So, I am definitely going to have to modify it. Other than that... Truly awesome and highly recommended!

~ Aedryan

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Postby dat8962 » Nov 13th, '09, 23:55

Didn't get a PK card in my edition and can't see a need for it. The handling from Whitestar is an option but the handling for From Hell should give you no problems. The specs won't remember the handling anyway.

As for artifacts, anything aged is a good start and some old surgical instruments could be a good start seeing as how the main suspect in the police investigation was a quack doctor.

Look for items worn in the photo's and see if you can match any of them by trawling ebay and local antique shops.

Good luck

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Postby Jobasha » Oct 7th, '10, 20:01

Jack the Ripper casebook is on sale from the works. Contains a whole host of facsimile documents.

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Postby russellmagic » Dec 30th, '10, 11:26

Arkesus wrote:I did this the other night, and asked one of the more macabre of the bunch present to be my spec at the table. Sadly his hearing isn't what it should be, so instead of laying down those he thought were alive to the other pile, he simply sent them to the back of the packet in his hands, effectively shuffling the two piles together.

You have no idea how hard it is to cull those photos!!!!!

But there is a way around that problem if that was to happen.

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Postby storm01 » Dec 31st, '10, 18:17

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Postby Iceman » Feb 13th, '11, 17:10

Received the package this week, opened it yesterday evening, with the effect causing my mother a sleepless night lol :P

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Re: From Hell

Postby soveda » Jun 21st, '13, 14:13

I have just bought the 5th anniversary version of this.
I haven't had the time to perform this yet but my first thoughts are:
1) the props are beautifully produced
2) the routine itself is fabulously scary
3) the video teaching is short but effective
4) the customer service and communication is fabulous.

If anyone who is interested in this does not own a copy of Alan Moore's From Hell graphic novel then I would recommend buying it, the ideas that are presented can trigger presentation ideas and some lovely chilling magickal (spelling intended) background for your patter.

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Re: From Hell

Postby JustCraig » Jun 22nd, '13, 16:15

Sounds like a really interesting effect - I love this kind of magic so I may just have to check it out!

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Re: From Hell

Postby kaala » Dec 30th, '18, 02:21

I am looking to buy this effect from anyone who owns this. contact me

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