GAME LIKE MAGIC (magician always Wins)

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GAME LIKE MAGIC (magician always Wins)

Postby Miniolo » Jan 28th, '19, 20:51

Hi Fellow Magicians,

I recently got booked for a gig where i will have to perform games that the magician will always win (can anyone help me find some more effects themed like mentioned?)

I already got;

A banknight (3 Quivers al loaded)
Which hand is it in (Sixth)
Chain Monte (with block and poles and chain only")
Dice game bluffing? (Mental Dice)
10 card poker
3 card monte

Does anyone have some good input for this theme? thanks in advance.

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Re: GAME LIKE MAGIC (magician always Wins)

Postby magicofthemind » Jan 29th, '19, 09:25

Two thoughts:

Nim - see Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions by Martin Gardner

The Marrakech Game and the Games and Bets chapter of Self-Working Number Magic by Karl Fulves.


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