CardMaker/Bernd Maucksch for SALE!

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CardMaker/Bernd Maucksch for SALE!

Postby CardMaker » Apr 8th, '19, 10:36

Anyone who wants to overtake my business?
Contact me by email please.


So to answer the questions I got during the past hours, I'll answer these here.
What do I want and what do you get?

- I will sell all my stuff; which includes tons of decks and cards, standard, special, single ones, unusal cards, rare cards, etc.
- Lots of other materials like storing boxes, prototypes of cards, samples of gaffed cards done my way, raw materials, etc.
- Special tools, custom made or custom ordered, like punches, cutters, rounders, presses, etc.
- Gigabytes of material like previous orders, templates, pictures of making processes, videos
- All emails of previous orders and details of my network
- My further assistance by email, skype, facetime or whatever
- And all my personal secrets of making and printing gaffed cards (that's why I never released how-to videos before!)

My preference would be an European based successor, but I am open to whatever comes in.
Anyway - I will stop offering my services within this year. Why?
Doing all this card stuff besides my day job does not work anymore. It's simply a lack of time.


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