Paint It Blank

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Paint It Blank

Postby EndersGame » May 4th, '19, 10:00

Has anyone tried performing John Bannon's Paint It Blank? Here's a performance:

The method is very straight forward, but I love the simplicity of this routine. But I wonder if there are ways to make it stronger by improving the presentation.

For example, I think the effect can be strengthened if you frame the effect from the beginning about something turning from invisible to blank to printed, with the help of two "assistants" (Jokers).

This will give a good reason for presenting the series of final revelations in the way that you do, and will help everything make more sense to the spectator.

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Re: Paint It Blank

Postby SpareJoker » May 9th, '19, 15:17

I think the construction of the effect needs work more than the presentation. For example, why do the two Jokers have to come into contact with the deck? I realise this is needed for the method, but I feel it weakens the effect. At the very least, I would be putting the cards on the deck as part of an 'in-transit' action, to provide a bit more shade.

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