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Postby James Munton » Jul 12th, '08, 19:44

Not sure what you mean by the VA.

I mean VA - Virginia.
Although I have also performed for VA - Veterans Affairs.


James Munton
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Postby B0bbY_CaT » Jul 30th, '08, 14:01

The abratube web site opens up some very interesting opportunities. Take a specific category of videos from Youtube and consolidate them in a dedicated web site. More appealing for interested punters and MUCH more appealing for advertisers.

I am sure we will see this concept as a whole grow into a stand alone industry... until Youtube work out a way to restrict it or make money out of it.

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Postby Mage Tyler » Jul 30th, '08, 14:27

B0bbY_CaT wrote:... until Youtube work out a way to restrict it or make money out of it.

or replicate. It's owned by google now and they're pretty focused on community generated content. . .

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Postby mark lewis » Nov 27th, '09, 19:37

I have decided to resurrect this old thread and say that I have finished my book and it will soon be published.

I am raising a fine fuss about it on the Genii Forum at ... Post209050

mark lewis
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Re: Skills that Pay the Bills

Postby mark lewis » Jan 30th, '20, 01:25

I am resurrecting this amusing thread from ten years ago to announce that "The Lives of a Showman" referred to in the above discussion has now been turned into an e-book available here: ... 23592.html

For those of you who consider e-books to be against the laws of nature you can purchase the hard copy here: ... cians.html

mark lewis
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