Hello from Warwickshire, UK

Come and let everyone know a little about yourselves

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Hello from Warwickshire, UK

Postby School Teacher » Sep 29th, '21, 19:42

Hello, I'm lightly dabbled in magic for many decades. My sleights are nothing special as I've often found I can get quite dramatic impacts from a bit of playful showmanship and something as basic as a stripper deck.

I've just changed to a school where the headteacher has asked me to run a magic club! Currently I have about 15 enthusiastic 11 and 12 year olds. I've started them on self-working card tricks and tried to give them a bit of a taster for developing simple sleights. I've joined on here to find out a bit more about magic in the UK. When I was in London I used to visit Davenports or International Magic occasionally, now that I live in Warwickshire I'm not even sure what my nearest magic shop is! Though we are pretty clearly into the age of online shopping now...

Anyway, hello, nice to [online] meet you!


School Teacher
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Re: Hello from Warwickshire, UK

Postby Mandrake » Sep 29th, '21, 23:03

Hi, welcome to TM!

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Re: Hello from Warwickshire, UK

Postby Barry Allen » Oct 19th, '21, 23:17

Welcome to the forum and best of luck with the Magic Club!

I'm also in Warwickshire (Nuneaton) - albeit an East Londoner. I always promised I'd bring 'she who must be obeyed' back to her home town eventually.

Magic shop wise, there's Saturn Magic; not far away in Loughborough:


I've never visited or ordered from them (it's nothing personal, I just don't need to buy anything these days). However, they've got a good reputation within the magic community.

Although an online shop (and specifically dealing in coin magic) is my old mate Keith Bennett in Birmingham:


Hope that this info helps.

Barry Allen
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