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Search Tips for Newbies

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 13:24
by Jordan C

Quite often on the site questions are asked when a simple search function could have returned the answers sought. But the search function can return literally hundreds of results so I have made this quick guide on how to get the best of searching the site.

[Mods feel free to sticky this :) )

The various parts are numbered to make writing this guide easier to understand


1. The search function is at the top of just about every page so this is where you first go to search. When you click the search button you will be presented with the search page in the image.

2. This is where you enter your search terms - nothing tricky at all see but these next 2 steps are where you can bring back much more relevant results.

3. If you leave the search on it's default then the results will include ANY terms so for ID you will get pages of results that have the word invisible and or deck and ID. If you click to search ALL terms you have just narrowed down your results significantly.

4. So we know it's a review we're looking for do we? Ok then use this drop down and select reviews forum, this way only the results for that particular part of the forum will be displayed. Or if you are looking for help with your ID then again narrow it by selecting support and tips!!

5. Now the hard part - click search!!

It's as simple as that so if you're new to the boards and you want to know how to get a lot of answers to questions that have been asked a hundred times before then this is how to get the most out of your search!!

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 13:34
by Replicant
Nice post, Jordan.

Regarding reviews, you can also check the appropriate review index for the review you're after; if you get no joy there, then it either doesn't exist or hasn't been moved over from the old review forum yet. By the way, there is also a substantial review index in the original review forum, which is worth checking out.

As an alternative to the TM search, can you also use Google. If searching for, say, Elmsley, then just type the following into Google...


...and all results returned will be relevant to this site only. In my experience, it works pretty well and can be quicker than the TM search.

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 14:05
by Lenoir
A fellow Google Chromer. But Vista...yuck.

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 14:14
by Jordan C
It's just a vista skin on xp pro, vista sucks!!

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 14:28
by Lenoir
Jordan C wrote:It's just a vista skin on xp pro, vista sucks!!

Phew! You gotta love GC though!

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 15:20
by kolm
It's also worth noting that TM's search also uses logic operators (AND, OR, NOT), so doing a search for invisible AND deck will also bring up results for the ID.

But it can be even more powerful too: if you want to know about the invisible or the stripper deck, "invisible OR stripper AND deck" will do the trick; and if you want to find threads on everyone's favourite magician (but not his partner), you can do a search for "teller NOT penn"

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 15:23
by Jordan C
Good points, I thought it easier to stick with the basics but glad you bring it up as anyone who actually uses this advice is the sort of member we want!! :wink:

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 15:31
by Lenoir
I'm all for this being a sticky :wink:

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 17:05
by Replicant
Yeah, we know about you and your stickies.

PostPosted: Jan 2nd, '09, 19:16
by Jordan C
Now Now, keep on topic!! :wink:

PostPosted: Jan 3rd, '09, 11:48
by Jordan C
No mod comments? :wink:

PostPosted: Jan 3rd, '09, 15:55
by Mandrake
Jordan C wrote:No mod comments? :wink:

Indeed there are!
a) Nice one, thank you!
b) It's been stickied.
c) Agreed, please all stay on topic.
d) Er, that's about all at the moment.....

PostPosted: Jan 10th, '09, 11:09
by Jordan C
Wow... only just noticed this had been done!! Thanks Mandrake!!

PostPosted: Dec 22nd, '09, 17:15
by Jordan C
Noone noticed I had accidentally deleted the picture... whooops, I've amended it now though so the pic is back up.

Should this also be in the locked Talkmagic section alongside who's who etc??

PostPosted: Dec 22nd, '09, 17:17
by Jordan C
A fellow Google Chromer. But Vista...yuck.

WINDOWS 7 now... and it was my idea!!!