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PostPosted: Jan 21st, '10, 21:24
by Lil C


PostPosted: Jan 21st, '10, 21:38
by Jordan C
you're welcome!! :)

PostPosted: Mar 2nd, '10, 22:06
by cel13
Thank you, I just signed up and I sure can use some tips :)

PostPosted: Mar 2nd, '10, 22:24
by Jordan C
You are most welcome... it helps a lot to save embarrasment on asking familiar questions!! :)

PostPosted: Feb 26th, '11, 09:46
by mick123
This is the right thread for all new join. I have read all the given post and got many useful ideas, Actually I am also new join here, that's why it is very useful for me.

PostPosted: Mar 12th, '11, 08:55
by gamechy41
This is as simple as it can get.

Thanks for your time :)

Re: Search Tips for Newbies

PostPosted: Mar 4th, '12, 12:53
by Acolophon
This is an extremely useful thread but couldn't the first entry by Jordan C be moved to the 'Welcome Box' where it could be more prominent and more easily spotted by relative 'newbies', like me?

Re: Search Tips for Newbies

PostPosted: Mar 4th, '12, 15:36
by Mandrake
It can and it has..... must be magic.....