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There and back again. Hello everybody.

PostPosted: Jan 6th, '15, 12:09
by MiKo

Hello everybody.

I have noticed that the "introductions" subforum is full with "I'm back" threads, so I have decided to add mine as well.

A couple of years ago I have been annoyingly participating to the discussions of this great community.

For those who don't know or don't remember me, I am an Italian mathematician, at the moment living in Belgium.

There are several reasons I have been away, one of which has been the passing of mr. Tipton, with whom I had had a brief correspondence in which he taught me a lot.
In the last two years I have been changing country three times trying to be able to keep doing my job, which is sadly in very low demand at the moment; this has left me without much time to practice my magic, but I didn't abandon it; in one of my relocations I was able to get a few lessons with a very good young magician, although I had to leave well before I could finish the course.

Most importantly, I have read and studied a lot.

Am I a magician? Most likely not: I mostly do magic for my own pleasure and I have set an extremely high standard for myself before performing something for people not in the now.

But I know a thing or two.
In fact, I consider myself a magic scholar, or better a magic freshman :)
But in the last few weeks, in my hometown in Italy, I have been able to actually suggest things to a magician far more skilled than me, and I am proud to say that my suggestions have definitely improved his performance.

So here I am, in a wonderful sweet spot in which I can easily be fooled by good magic, and still sometimes work out the mechanics later and also appreciate the skill behind it.

I can't promise I will participate a lot (also because I'm trying not to fall back into the compulsive magic purchasing syndrome :) ), but I am still reading the public forum.

And remember: if you need math, I've got it :)


Re: There and back again. Hello everybody.

PostPosted: Jan 6th, '15, 16:34
by Lady of Mystery
Hiya MiKo, great to see you back :D

Re: There and back again. Hello everybody.

PostPosted: Jan 6th, '15, 16:56
by MiKo
Thanks, milady