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Back to Magic after a time away

PostPosted: Aug 19th, '15, 16:49
by Philpot

Hi Everyone

I'm Phil, and I was a full time working pro, until I retired from the stage and other things got in the way. I have only just got back to magic after a good few years away and my fingers really know it :)
I recently had a couple of TIA's (mini strokes) and these have left my fingers a little numb and played havoc with my fine motor skills. However I'm back! Not doing magic felt strange, like a part of me was missing. I have a broad spectrum of knowledge and love the history of magic and illusion. I'm working on close-up for a change, where as in the past I mainly performed stage and parlour and some escapology. At 52, I've decided to leave the jumping around in straight jackets and leaping out of mail bags to the younger girls and guys. The last show I did was for local BBC Radio, which was a 45 minute show on their stand at The Great Yorkshire Show. I have loved magic since being very young, but came to magic as a career after years spent in other forms of entertainment. I have been a guitarist in a rock/pop band, a stand up comedian, theatre actor and a few other odds and ends. I was an entertainer for over thirty years and loved it.

The great thing about coming back to magic, is that I have had to start again. This means no drawers and cupboards full of rubbish, you know where I'm coming from here, all the great sounding gimmicks and packet tricks, which sounded too good to be true, because they were over-hyped. Well I'm free. This means I have been able to select carefully certain things I knew I'd need. I won't go into what things on an open area, but certain objects which rather than being part of a trick, effect or routine, can instead be used for a thousand different things. I have added other things, things I consider classics and old favourites. This time my box is small, but growing with good quality content which I know I'll use.

I love reading the old masters, the classics. everything old is new again...

I'm interested in The School For Scoundrels and am having a lot of fun with there ideas.

Take care and have a great day.

Cheers, Phil

Re: Back to Magic after a time away

PostPosted: Aug 19th, '15, 16:53
by Mandrake
Welcome to TM Phil, glad you've rediscovered your mojo!

Re: Back to Magic after a time away

PostPosted: Aug 19th, '15, 17:55
by Philpot
Thanks Mandrake, it's good to be back, Mojo rusty but passion alive and well :)