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Hello from a newcomer.

PostPosted: May 23rd, '16, 15:35
by muldwych

Hello there,

I am completely new to the forum :shock: .

I’ve been a fan of magic ever since I was a young boy and like most here in the UK/Scotland I got the Paul Daniels magic set which I loved :P .

I am from Aberdeen, Scotland where I live with my wife and three amazing children.

Magic is something I always wanted to try and then life got in the way, had the Paul Daniels set as a kid like I mentioned, and seem to remember using it a lot as a youngster.

Cut to me being a teenage tearaway who was out partying too much and one night watched David Blaine: Street Magic and was hooked again 8) .

Must have watched it a hundred times, I got some cards and some books on card tricks and learnt a few, not too much but enough to show the guys at work and college when I went back at the age of 25.

It seems I have completely forgot everything I even knew, parenting has taking it out of me I reckon.

I have always still watched magic from Blaine to Dynamo and Troy to Magicians and everything in between… and YouTube, always YouTube.

Anyways I’ll try not to waffle on anymore, basically I have realised lately that I regret not keeping up learning Magic and I hate that ive forgot everything I once knew (granted it wasn’t much) :wink: .

So ive got myself a few packs of playing cards, some books and I am joining up the meeting of Aberdeen Magic Society to get further involved.

As you can tell from the post I like to speak… a lot, and hence I thought if I join a forum I can chat to likeminded people, I do already on twitter but this is better for my learning experience.

After searching through the Magic Forum options I decided you guys win (I shall say we from now on).

Hopefully be chatting a lot more :mrgreen: .

Take it easy

Muldwych (I am @muldwych twitter too if anyone else is there)

Re: Hello from a newcomer.

PostPosted: May 23rd, '16, 20:19
by Mandrake
Great intro, welcome to TM!

Re: Hello from a newcomer.

PostPosted: May 23rd, '16, 20:53
by muldwych
Thank you kindly Mandrake.

Looking forward to having a proper troll through the forum and setting up my avatar/signature and the like when i get the kids finally settled in bed.

Re: Hello from a newcomer.

PostPosted: May 24th, '16, 10:32
by Lady of Mystery
Hiya, welcome along to TM . I think quite a few of us started out with that Paul Daniels magic set :D

Re: Hello from a newcomer.

PostPosted: May 24th, '16, 11:06
by muldwych
Thank you Lady of Mystery.

Paul Daniels magic set was amazing, I liked it, not a lot, but i liked it.

Re: Hello from a newcomer.

PostPosted: May 25th, '16, 18:12
by mr invisible
Greetings!! Enjoy your stay and welcome..
Regards Garry. :)

Re: Hello from a newcomer.

PostPosted: May 25th, '16, 21:58
by muldwych
Thank you all for the warm welcome everybody :-)