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New Member from Coventry

PostPosted: Jul 29th, '18, 22:21
by Andycov

Hello all

Just joined to give my interest in magic a bit of a nudge.
I've always had an interest, just like the previous new member, since the days of Paul Daniels and the David Copperfield TV specials in the 80's. Then there was a bit of a lull in TV magic and life got in the way. And then came along David Blaine and Derren Brown etc..the rest is history.

At almost 52 I hope its not too late to re-kindle my interest and step things up a notch. I've just enrolled in the Troy Masterclass next month, can't wait, and after that I hope it will give me some confidence to join the local Magic Circle, the thought of an 'audition' to join terrifies me!

Hoping to meet some interesting people and get help with performing and what to do next. Before the internet it was difficult to find stuff out there, and now there seems too much stuff, all the new tricks from all the magic websites its so difficult knowing what or what not to buy. Advice needed.

Re: New Member from Coventry

PostPosted: Jul 29th, '18, 23:06
by Mandrake
Hi Andy, welcome to TM!

Re: New Member from Coventry

PostPosted: Jul 31st, '18, 08:13
by moonbeam
Hi and welcome to TM :)

Any questions, feel free to ask - plenty of knowledgeable people on here .... and you may even find answers in a previous post on here - the search function comes in handy :P