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PostPosted: Oct 7th, '18, 12:18
by beyrevra

Hello, I'm beyrevra and I'm in love with the magic.
I'm 70 years old so I do no great things but I still love to talk about and hear about.
I speak french so excuse my bizarre English. (my magic is also bizarre magick ;) )
See you soon ...

Re: beyrevra

PostPosted: Oct 7th, '18, 13:44
by Mandrake
Hi, welcome to TM, 70 is very good age :wink: !

Re: beyrevra

PostPosted: Oct 8th, '18, 08:30
by moonbeam
Hi and welcome to TM :)

Re: beyrevra

PostPosted: Oct 27th, '18, 15:57
by MrCat
Welome! Whatever language you speak, it's fine. Your English is waaay better than my French or any other language for that matter.

I've just come back after some time off but it's fairly quiet so maybe you can help spice things up again.

I look forward to hearing any stories you may have to share. :)