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PostPosted: Dec 30th, '19, 13:21
by Crazy Druid

Hi, Jock here!

A 48 year old from Northern Ireland (Originally from Scotland, moved 4 years ago)
I have always been interested in magic and have always played with a few simple gimmicks with my kids and family. My interest in magic has resurfaced and I went out and got myself a few decks of cards and some other items. Most of my knowledge of magic is theory... Now it’s time to start putting it into practice!
I can see many frustrating hours ahead as I start the wonderful journey in this fantastic and mesmerising hobby/career.


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PostPosted: Dec 31st, '19, 00:40
by Mandrake
Hi Jock, welcome to TalkMagic!

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PostPosted: Jan 19th, '20, 13:13
by moonbeam
Hi and welcome to TM :)