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PostPosted: Dec 12th, '20, 03:10
by blink18252

Hi my name is Ryan Jones, I am 34. I have been interested in magic since I was 8, so I have studied it off and on since then. I got interested in magic by seeing the Phantom of the opera. I am just an amateur magician. I am hoping too learn from of a lot of you and willing also too help in return with what I know. Furthermore, I love reading the history of magic. My favorite magician too read about is Houdini. well if you want too know more just ask. Talk to all you guys later.



Re: Hello

PostPosted: Dec 12th, '20, 11:09
by Mandrake
Hi Ryan, welcome to TM!

Re: Hello

PostPosted: Dec 13th, '20, 04:01
by blink18252
thanks for the nice welcome.