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PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2006 11:26 am
by trickyricky

lol yeah, 1978 was the last time it happened! Unless im like 120 years old now....... Judging by the fact i can still hold my cards im guessing im not.

PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2006 3:42 pm
by ace of kev
I love it when the date reads backwards as it does forwards, but that will not happen again until 2010.

PostPosted: Sat May 06, 2006 10:26 pm
by trickyricky
Im going to start using the phrase 'may the force be with you' as a greeting when i meet another card magician. Makes sense when you think about it. I only just realised but i obviously havent been thinking about it very much.

Re: Happy Star Wars Day

PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2017 10:31 am
by Mandrake
Bumpety bump - may the fourth be with you.... for many moons to come!!