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A bit of a challenge…

PostPosted: Dec 4th, '14, 21:17
by Mandrake

Long story, bear with me.

As some will know, I’ve been a Blood Donor for a while, since January 1967 to be exact. At that time they used glass collection bottles, stored and transported in metal milk crates and the tubing was red rubber! The Doctors at each session used a sort of spring loaded hole punch to open up a vein before they inserted the needle and tubing. Donations were at 6 month intervals. Thank goodness it’s all very much more hygienic these days, single use items only and much thinner needles, no hole punches, donations can now be as frequent at every 3 months and possibly every 10 weeks for men, only three times a year for the ladies due to differing iron levels between the genders – blokes just have more!! Two things remain, the first is possibly slight discomfort to the Donor but not exactly painful, more like the feeling of when you bump your arm against a doorknob or other object, uncomfy for a little while but soon forgotten. Then other thing is the delicious tea and biccies on offer afterwards, plus these days you get a huge glass of squash or water on arrival. Oh yes, there’s a third factor – the good feeling of having done something to help others and at only the cost of your time and goodwill. I racked up 108 donations, had interim award certificates, a beautiful crystal award and celebration dinner at the Villa Park banqueting suite for reaching 100 donations.

Now we’re getting to the nub of this post. I’ve recently had to ‘retire’ for health reasons I won’t go in to and I received a lovely ‘thank you’ letter earlier this week. In that letter it suggested that although I can no longer donate, I might be able to be a sort of Ambassador for the process so here’s the challenge. If at least one person can start to donate blood regularly, they will effectively take my place and ensure the continued supply of a precious commodity. That person can be a lapsed donor who starts again, or someone brand new. If more than one person becomes a donor then that will be a hell of a result as the need for blood and blood product increases daily. Ethnic minorities are especially needed and during things such as the Olympics, big footie matches, or other events attracting large numbers, the need rises dramatically as road and other accidents tend to increase – wintertime also sees a bigger demand due to the icy conditions causing slips and falls.

Appointments can be made and amended online and you can find permanent donation centres and travelling collection sessions in various local halls and similar places at - the permanent ones have new ergonomic chairs for the donors which tip and swivel for comfort (although your loose change can slip out of your trouser pockets!) , the travelling ones may still use the high folding beds which are very comfortable. Tea, coffee, squash, biscuits, KitKats, Club biscuits, crisps and fruit are available after donating.

So there it is, please let me know if you take up this challenge and thank you in advance.

Re: A bit of a challenge…

PostPosted: Dec 5th, '14, 11:41
by artychris
Top post! :)

Re: A bit of a challenge…

PostPosted: Dec 5th, '14, 16:05
by bmat
Really wish I could help, I'm iron defficient due to my Crohns disease so they won't take my blood. But it is really a wonderful thought, I hope there are a lot of responses.

Re: A bit of a challenge…

PostPosted: Dec 9th, '14, 11:58
by Le Petit Bateleur
HI Mandrake, great initiative indeed.

You know, the "funny thing" is that I can no longer donate blood in France or in the Czech Republic (or the rest of Europe bar the UK I presume) due to the fact that I was living in England at the time of the mad cow disease. It's a pity.

Good luck with your enterprise, it is a worthy one.


Re: A bit of a challenge…

PostPosted: Dec 9th, '14, 12:06
by Mandrake
Thank you folks! It's true that there are many reasons why people can't donate, some for the protection of patients but many more for the protection of donors. It's for this reason the nucleus of those who can donate are so desperately needed. At the risk of invoking a cheesy seasonal reference, a quick trip to a donating session might be a great gift for someone who's life literally depends on it. Better than a bottle of dodgy aftershave or perfume :D !

Re: A bit of a challenge…

PostPosted: Dec 9th, '14, 13:29
by Lady of Mystery
I'm not allowed to donate any more either but did manage 20 or so donatinos. It's a great thing to do and really can help to save a life, of and of course there's always the tea and biccies which make it all worth while.