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Newsflash - Axel Hecklau

PostPosted: Dec 8th, '08, 08:12
by Kevin Cann

If anyone has bought Axel Hecklau's Torn & restored newspaper 'Newsflash' can they give me a review please. In particular I would like to know how fiddly it is to make up and how long it takes to make up

PostPosted: Dec 8th, '08, 08:52
by Jordan C
Looks like a nice routine... from what I can glean elsewhere it was 5 years in the making and has none of the usual prep.

Would be interesting to know if anyone here has it.

PostPosted: Dec 8th, '08, 09:03
by daleshrimpton
It is utterly amazing.

Its funny but i was thinking about this on the bus comming in to work.

Strictly speaking, Its a magicians trick.

all the convincers which are so impressive, the way you show the news paper empty, having it rolled up at the start, and at the finish etc, will really impress us.

but if you do a torn and restored nespapaer already, and your getting great reactions, I doubt very much that you will get any better reactions from lays by using this method.

all they see is a torn and restored news paper.

Its a bit like sawing a woman in half.No matter what method is used, the magician "did that old trick where he saws a woman in half".

Now it sounds like I'm putting a bit of a downer on this product.. nothing could be farther from the truth. as i said at the begining it is utterly amazing.

and i think that if your going to do this, you must make sure it's got a perfet presentation.

a magicians trick?

PostPosted: Dec 11th, '08, 08:09
by Axel Hecklau
but if you do a torn and restored nespapaer already, and your getting great reactions, I doubt very much that you will get any better reactions from lays by using this method.

Hi Dale,

I can speak only about my experiences (these are no assumptions) from over 300 shows in wich I performed NEWSFLASH.
I have the great possibility to test and develop tricks and routines in my own weekly show (http://www.close-up-club)
There I have always the same conditions and layment audiences.
My experience is that "details" can make a huge difference in the reaction.

One of these huge differences are the reactions after the restoration.
In other versions one must grap behind the package to "prepare" the restoration. This short move and the controlview shows to the audiance that in a second will happen something and "something" maybe is hidden behind. And that damages the surprise.

A main problemof the torn & restored Newspaper is, that the audiance can think in advance what will happen and the surprise is gone.

This "little" thing - that you can show two packages of papersheets, bring them together and immediatly restore them whithout any move will surprise the audiance and brings a bigger reaction.

In my experience it is a " Ooouughh" ;-)

Also, that you have the opend full format Newspaper holded in chest hight is responsible for a greater reaction.

Please do not underestimate the details in magic.

The main thing is naturalness.

Layman feel unnaturalness in there stomach and respond that with lower reactions.


PostPosted: Dec 11th, '08, 08:14
by Axel Hecklau
Sorry Kevin, I did´t sayed something to your question.

If you have learned Newsflash (that takes a day) the preparation time is like the GA method.

I need 10 Minutes for a totaly new copy.
The reset takes 3 minutes
In the practice phase (without tearing) you can make the restauration twice a minute.

Axel Hecklau

PostPosted: Dec 11th, '08, 08:16
by Mandrake
Thanks for the input Axel and welcome to TM!

PostPosted: Dec 11th, '08, 08:21
by Jordan C
Thanks Axel... Thanks for joining us to discuss this. I hope you visit more often and share more wisdom with us!

newsflash finalle

PostPosted: Jan 19th, '09, 13:18
by bradmagic95
I am planning on getting newsflash for my kids show as a finale and I have a 36 inch silk that says "the end" on it...I've always loved the idea of having a silk appear that says "the end" on it to end your show...Is there any way possible that I could maybe crumple up the restored newsflash paper and then make the silk a kicker

also does the flash from the flash restoration use flash cord??flash paper???

PostPosted: Jan 19th, '09, 19:50
by bradmagic95
could someone please helpp!

PostPosted: Jan 19th, '09, 21:32
by Mandrake
Brad, you need far more patience than that. many TM members are off line and those who have logged in probably don't yet have this item - in any event, the questions you ask are close to exposure so you won't necessarily get an answer. If you need to know in a rush, e-mail or PM Axel and ask him.

PostPosted: Feb 4th, '09, 23:54
by bradmagic95
Did anybody else who has newsflash find this??

The first time i set up newsflash took over an hour and didnt even work completely.

It seems it is so confusing when tearing knowing which is which..
the setup is suppose to take 10 i ever gonna get it down to this time??


PostPosted: Jun 29th, '09, 03:07
by Waldorfcartoons
It would be good if someone could do a full review - please?

PostPosted: Mar 25th, '10, 01:15
by Flash
So it's been a wee while since this was released, can anyone help with a review?

Newsflash 2.0 Universal now available

PostPosted: May 22nd, '11, 14:07
by Axel Hecklau
Just whanted to let you know that

NEWSFLASH 2-0 Universal is out now.

Streamlined preparation process

Use any newspaper Tabloid (small), Broadsheet (large) or US Format (narrow)

optimized folding for Broadshee, Tabloid ans US-formatted newspapers.

Many, many variations and Tipps

e.g. Poster-Blendo Version
or NEWSFLASH express (Setup in 2 minutes - no glue)

Here you´ll find more Details: ... anguage=en

The Set contains: 2 DVDs, Gimmick, 80 illlustrations, learning tools.

Best wishes

Axel Hecklau

Re: Newsflash - Axel Hecklau

PostPosted: Oct 1st, '11, 14:18
by RayWerner
I recently purchased Newsflash 2.0 from Axel Hecklau. His version of the T&R Newspaper is truly outstanding.
Yes, It was $132.00 US and worth every penny. For years I struggled with the Gene Anderson version. The tearing, Flashing etc; Newsflash 2.0 is the easiest method I have ever encountered. I have used many T&R's in the past. Slydini, Anderson, Bauer, Baxt..Even No Tear. The best visual flash restoration I have ever witnessed. Did I mention how easy it was to execute? You show the pages of the newspaper, tear it three times and RESTORE it...As easy as that. You may use any format Newspaper. The package comes with 2 Dvd,s, Templates and that special something to make it all possible. I rate this illusion 10/10. Thank you Mr. Hecklau.... :D