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PostPosted: Jan 18th, '12, 01:23
by Connor_M

Read most of the book now
Very good book
Brilliant if you have only just picked up a deck or you have played with some tricks but want to get a routine going
Good to reinforce skills althought im looking for a bit more advanced stuff now
Ive seen the card college books recommended although im not a great fan of pre rigged decks :-/
Anyway i would say i would give a book a 1-2.5 difficulty with basic sleights, flourishes, tricks although its is advanced language used and whilst the pictures are helpful there is not a great amount of pictures

Overall i would say 8 out of 10 for a newbie but not a good buy for people who have a repituire that is starting to be built up

Hope this helps people

Connor 18 SH (skilled hobbyist)


PostPosted: Jan 18th, '12, 11:57
by moonbeam
For more info:



PostPosted: Jan 18th, '12, 12:27
by Pepsi Twist
I'm not sure what this pre-rigged deck business is, Card college is a starting point/next step!


PostPosted: Jan 18th, '12, 16:12
by Lord Freddie
Give a million monkeys typewriters...


PostPosted: Jan 18th, '12, 18:46
by DaveM
... they never mention giving them paper, oddly.


PostPosted: Jan 26th, '12, 21:54
by Connor_M
Sorry it was more of a Q
As in does college base its tricks around prerigs
I like to be able to pick up a deck in a pub and go 'hey i bet i can make you disbelive everything you know to be true'
Where as rrtcm has many prerig tricks
And would these monkeys have cigars and little see through green caps without the tops ?


PostPosted: Apr 15th, '12, 18:22
by Liam
Card college, as in the full 5 volumes, has a nice variety of tricks contained in them, plenty of fantastic impromptu ones, while others do require a bit of prep work....but there is no shortage of quailty effects that can be perfomed at the drop of a hat.

I can't stress enough how helpful card college has been to my magic, and many others will say the same. There are plenty of tricks in the volumes, but at the end of the day, the goal of card college is to teach the reader a strong basic foundation of sleight of hand card magic. So I would recommend getting it, if you can, but it's not just a book that's full of tricks, it's focus is in teahcing moves, and then some tricks to give examples of the moves, very similar to the style of royal road.


PostPosted: Jan 30th, '20, 01:06
by mark lewis
I really must add to this old thread. There has been a most wonderful e-book on the RRTCM with new additions and annotations which makes the book even better than it is already. I know the author personally and can confirm that he is a genius of the first magnitude.

Here is the relevant link and you will also see an endorsement by Harry Lorayne who interestingly told me he had never read the original Royal Road to Card Magic. Well he has now! ... 23422.html


PostPosted: Jun 12th, '20, 22:29
by mark lewis
My Annotated Royal Road to Card Magic is now in printed form (hard backed book with coloured photos as well as the original illustrations) . There are around 400 pages. Publication date July 6th.


PostPosted: Jun 15th, '20, 10:59
by Lady of Mystery
Make sure you keep us up to date on where we can grab a copy :)


PostPosted: Jun 17th, '20, 04:07
by mark lewis
I may be announcing publication a little earlier than July 6th after all. I shall be making an announcement in my usual low profile manner. There has been no time to arrange a fancy link to a website advertising it but if you send me a private message I promise to find a way of relieving you of your money. A mere $50 and shipping is free to Her Britannic Majesty's Realm of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


PostPosted: Jun 18th, '20, 17:15
by mark lewis
OK. I can now announce that I am now able to take orders for my Annotated Royal Road to Card Magic after all and you no longer have to wait until July 6th. Here is what the book looks like: ... 527&type=3

The cost is $50 (US dollars) and I can accept Paypal. The price includes shipping as the book is printed in either the UK or the US! The book has around 400 pages and the foreword is by Harry Lorayne. I haven't actually seen the book myself yet but Harry has and says it looks great.

Send me an email at and I will tell you how to order it.


PostPosted: Oct 6th, '20, 20:56
by mark lewis
I am now able to inform the multitude that the book is now obtainable on my website at ... cians.html
$50 (US dollars) and shipping to the United Kingdom is free. That is because the books are printed both Tennessee and Milton Keynes!

Anyway here is a review by Barry Allen

REVIEW - The Annotated Royal Road to Card Magic (RRTCM) - Mark Lewis

Being 'old skool' and preferring the written word to reading on a screen, I was initially hesitant to purchase my first eBook. However, as I have always held both The Royal Road to Card Magic AND Mark Lewis in such high esteem, the combination of both was too much to simply overlook.

Many of us have cut our teeth on RRTCM; it's often recommended to beginners that want to get started in the Art of Card Magic. My first reading of the book was by borrowing it constantly from the library around 1976; as an enthusiastic 12 year old. The book certainly didn't disappoint. Until becoming hooked on Harry Lorayne books a few years later, as a kid with very little pocket money, the library copy of the RRTCM became my bible. Over the years, we all tend to buy more magic props, books, etc; convincing ourselves that this will improve our ability as Magicians. However, we also overlook at times the very foundations of where our passion commenced. I have been as guilty of this as much as the next person. However, Mark Lewis's Annotations to this classic work have enabled me to study, in-depth once again, this superb, often overlooked book.

That may be the question that you will initially ask yourself. If you have the book already, what more is there to learn? In a nutshell, you will be buying in to a professional magicians' lifetime of 'working this book' in the Real World. It will re-ignite your passion for so many sleights and effects that you may have either forgotten about or simply overlooked.

For example, one of the first tricks within the book is Topsy-Turvy Cards. A decent enough effect but something I long thought I'd grown out of. What Mark has done is to give this effect a new, powerful, multi-phase routine. This is strong, commercial magic. I also adore Mark's take on Now You See It - his thinking adds value to an effect that I have been performing for many, many years. In fact, as you work your way through the pages, you realise that Mark adds creative thinking to the vast majority of the plots within.

Sleights are given similar treatment throughout; with more clarity being provided where necessary. Additional sleights are also added into the mix for your consideration; nothing knuckle-busting; just a Pro relating his years of experience; outlining alternative methods of handling, for your due consideration.

The majority of Mark's Annotations (easily identifiable in red type) are supported with clear, colour photographs throughout the book. These supplement the original (excellent) illustrations superbly.

As an added bonus, Mark has included some additional effects and sleights that were due to be released in a separate manuscript many years ago.

RRTCM is undoubtedly a classic work of Card Magic. What Mark has managed to achieve, is that he has taken a Classic to a completely new level of quality and content.

This book has truly been an inspiration to me. So many sleights and effects that I have overlooked previously, have had me constantly reaching for a pack of cards over the past few months. Studying and learning the content, has been pure joy. I can't say that for many books I've read over the years.

As someone who adores Card Magic; and has read many, many books on the subject; this book brings you back down to planet Earth. You realise the sheer quality of magic contained within this book when it was first released. You fall back in love with so many things that have been cast aside; realising just how powerful this material can be for audiences.

This is UNRESERVEDLY RECOMMENDED to ANYONE interested in performing solid, entertaining, commercial Card Magic. It has been one of the highlights of my lifetime within Magic, studying this Annotated contribution to our Art.

Mark Lewis hasn't simply 'given the old girl a new dress' by improving a Classic, he has also shared a lifetime of study and performance within his superb Annotations. I am quite sure that Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue would be proud of him!

Link for the PDF version: ... 23422.html

Link for the hard copy version: ... cians.html