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Shell game Vol. 1 by School For Scoundrels DVD

PostPosted: May 7th, '08, 12:54
by greedoniz

Here's what they Say

In November of 2004, Bob Sheets, Whit Haydn and Chef Anton combined their original methods for the ancient swindle, the Shell Game, and taught this new system to the School for Scoundrels class at the Magic Castle.

This DVD is far more than an introduction to the game, it is an introduction to a whole new way of looking at the shell game, and a new system for performing the game that is rock solid, unassailable, and easy to learn. In this, the first installment of a series of DVDs on the shell game.
The beginning student is taught an entertaining beginning routine with patter, the basic moves and approaches to the game that make up the system, and given everything necessary to move from complete beginner to an intermediary proficiency in the shell game.
But this is not just for the beginner. Experienced shell game performers will learn invaluable material from this and the following DVDs in this series.

These lessons are not just a rehash of what has been published before, but new and unpublished moves, ruses, and strategies that will change the way the game is played far into the future.
There is over an hour and fifteen minutes of video instruction and over 80 pages of historical information, routines, advanced moves and maneuvers, illustrations and study aids


$35 from the school for Scoundrels website


As it is a DVd this ranges from the very simple to the slightly more advanced. The shell game is all about sleights


We all know how the shell games works don't we? Well I thought so until I saw this Dvd. I always presumed that the basic moves I had learnt from the Sal Piacente DVD pretty much covered most of the work on the shell game but, boy, was I wrong. This dvd and hopefully its sequels (this is just vol. 1 afterall) will show how deep and involved this game can truely be for the operator.
The amount of material covered in this dvd is very good for a $35 dvd (about £17 in real money) with the explaination of a basic 3 stage routine to get you going, followed by several more advanced moves, an introduction to the props and what to look out for and a lecture in the fineries of performance.
I think you'll find that's quite good value for money but I'm not finished yet. If you put the dvd into your computer then you have access to several files which contain even more information which are incredibly informative and give you even more ideas and show more depth to this hustle. These are almost worth the price alone and are not to be ignored as "junk added to bulk it up".
The production qualities of the dvd are fine enough and the teaching is clear and concise.
Anyone thinking of getting involved with the shell game must see this dvd as their first port of call and anyone with (like me) a little knowledge will surely have their mind opened to all the possiblities that the game can offer. Having ownedthe Street Shells Sal Piacente dvd I can catagorically state that this dvd is miles and miles above and beyond anything offered on that and would heartily recommend this first chapter of this to anyone with an interest. As more volumes are released I can see this becoming the Shell Game bible.

PostPosted: May 7th, '08, 21:28
by kevsashark
Thanks Greedoniz. I have been eyeing that for a while, and I was hoping someone would review it before i took the plunge (I'm cheap like that) :)

So, would you say that the Piacente is even a worthwhile companion piece, or is this piece self-sufficient? I have the Piacente and was pleased with it, but if this is that good, I may have to make another investment. Are there more overall moves taught, or just better explanations of the moves?

Thanks again...great review!

PostPosted: May 7th, '08, 23:39
by greedoniz
I would say that if you have the Piacente dvd and wish to lern more about the shell game then this will introduce several more ideas into the mix that will turn a basic routine into something far beyond what is covered in the street shells dvd.
For example there is a technique shown that is specifically for someone who knows the shell game and will completely throw them. This means that even if you are sussed with the basic moves the punter only has a one in three chance of getting it correct as there is no way of tracking it.

Also there is far more history, patter and performance information. If however you are only interested slightly in the shell game then stick to the dvd you have but if you wish to have far more knowledge in the subject then this has alot more to offer.

PostPosted: May 9th, '08, 20:18
by kevsashark
Thanks, Greedoniz. It's definitely something I have been interested in learning more about, and I wasn't sure how much information there was that wasn't covered, so I was hesitant to spend more money on it, but you've convinced me.


Re: Shell game Vol. 1 by School For Scoundrels DVD

PostPosted: Apr 4th, '17, 17:47
by russpie
I've recently bought this & volume 2. It's got to be the video bible on the 3 shell game. So much information to take in, watch, read & learn about. It's going to take me a while & a few watches to make notes on what I want to include in my routine & put the thing together. I bought the downloadable videos off the scoundrel website & they're an absolute bargain for the amount of content. I'd say you definitely need to start with Vol 1 as Vol 2 refers to some of the moves taught in the first video.