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John Bannon's Bullet Party

PostPosted: Jul 28th, '11, 17:43
by happycamel

hey there everyone!
i not long ago bought John Bannon's bullet party, however looked around for a review and found none, so im going to share my opinion to hopefully help anyone else out there who is wondering about this dvd.

first of all is it worth the £25-£30 price tag, and the answer to that is definitly! when i first opened the box and was presented with some cards and two dvds i was very excited to begin learning, and once it was on i was glued, literally watched the whole thing in one go! but my personal opinion is that this dvd is fantastic to the medium skilled cardioligist, this is not to say that a beginner couldnt learn this stuff, however it will take longer, because i specialise in card magic and love flourishes which are knuckle busting, coming across a dvd which achieves such wonderful effects with NO knuckle busting moves was definitly a nice change, and that is exactly what john wanted to and has achieved, a nice collection of visual magic which requires very little card magic experience. however some moves such as a very common type of count (trying not to give anything away) is not really explained, however im sure if this is an unfamiliar move that it can be learned from various free resources on the internet. and also the dvd does go at a fairly fast pace, but a little bit of rewinding is good for strengthening those finger & thumb muscles!
just to be clear not every trick on this dvd is for everyone, first time watching it i did skip the tut for one trick as it just wasnt my scene, however i have definetly found 3-4 tricks which i will be including in my routines.
so what im saying is john has included a little bit of everything for everyone, and anyone who buys this will definitly find something for them. it definitly helps to have experience in the card field, however is not necassary to have said experience, and anyone whom has difficulty with any of the moves in this dvd, message me with the details of the move and i will reply with a video tut on said move! however will not be teaching entire ticks as this is john bannons job! im merely speaking of moves which arent taught in depth enough on this dvd.
tricks: 5star
teacher: 4star
satisfaction: 5star
dvd quality (including entertainment factor): 5star

hope i helped! and have fun with this dvd!

PostPosted: Aug 1st, '11, 14:10
by SpareJoker
How would you rate the material in terms of practicality? (e.g. do the routines start clean and/ or end clean?)

PostPosted: Aug 1st, '11, 15:06
by happycamel
a lot of the tricks are fractal tricks, i.e. a small portion of the deck is used, and sometimes wont be completely clean before hand, however one thing john bannon loves is being clean at the end of the trick, every trick ends clean, which makes this a fantastic bunch of tricks, and as i said there is a good range of tricks, and there are a fair amount which start completely clean too! but with john bannons patter and methods, all tricks are very open, can be perfomed slowly, and do appear to be completely clean. i do more close up magic than anything, so not every trick is for me, however some tricks have such a stunning effect i will definetly find a place for them. these tricks are v practical as they are not very difficult to do and if you have some experience with cards you will be performing these tricks in no time at all!

PostPosted: Aug 1st, '11, 15:08
by SpareJoker
Thanks for the info :)

PostPosted: Aug 19th, '11, 11:37
by CArlight1958
Just received this dvd yesterday, & after having had a quick browse through it.
I'm impressed.

I also got the "Bullets after dark" dvd also.

I'll air my thought's in a couple of day's, but it too looks good.


Re: John Bannon's Bullet Party

PostPosted: Apr 8th, '18, 05:52
by EndersGame
I gather that the physical DVD of Bullet Party comes with 13 playing cards, is that correct?

It's also available from Penguin Magic as a digital download, which I'm considering getting, but then obviously you don't get any cards, and I'd need to assemble these from my collection.

Are the 13 cards that come with the DVD all regular playing cards? Or are some gaffed cards included? And if they are standard playing cards, which ones are they?

Just wondering what cards I'd need to go along with the digital download of this video.

Re: John Bannon's Bullet Party

PostPosted: Apr 13th, '18, 06:52
by EndersGame
Just to update this thread, in case anyone else ever gets the Bullet Party digital download from Penguin Magic (link) and is wondering the same.

I've found out that basically the 13 cards included are the cards needed for the Bullet Party routine, and the cards needed for the Mega Wave routine. In addition there's a four-of-a-kind in Jacks, I'm not sure yet which effect they are used for.

So basically it's a number of Aces, Jokers, and a blank-faced card, some with red-backs others with blue-backs. But they're all standard cards, and besides the blank-faced cards there's no gimmicked cards or gaffs needed. This means that as you'd expect from John Bannon, everything is examinable at the end.