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BRAVURA by Paul Daniels

PostPosted: Jun 19th, '14, 21:03
by Mandrake

Available from: Most dealers - use your favourite!
Cost: £112.99 or thereabouts.

Following on from the thread at ftopic57039.php, IMHO there’s no way a complete Review can be done until the four DVDs have been watched many times so I though this thread could be a sort of combined and community review with comments and thoughts coming from anyone who has the discs and has something to contribute.

To start with:

The first DVD is a recording of Paul's full cabaret show which is then used later to link to the various explanations. My first reaction was that Paul had slowed down a hell of a lot since I saw him on stage last year but on the second DVD he explains that this was deliberate as the show was recorded in Portugal to an 'International' audience so he took things slower to allow them to translate as necessary. OK the whole DVD set is a Portuguese production so it's perhaps understandable that the show was in Portugal but I'd still have liked Paul to be at his usual speed, perhaps in front of a 'home' audience. Only a minor point as he does his stuff at normal speed, just the jokes and comments are slowed down somewhat.

I then went immediately to the explanation of Electric Chairs as I'd been one of Paul's 'volunteers' for this effect some years ago so had an inkling of how it was achieved. Trust me, there is so much more to EC than anyone can guess - well before the chairs are referred to and multiple ways of avoiding problems are all sorted well in advance. I never knew how the second 'volunteer' was handled but I do now and Mark can rest assured that even if anyone thinks they can just copy and perform EC like Paul does, they won’t manage it at all. They may eventually develop their own version of it but that's the idea - no need to copy, just take to precious info and develop it.

I’ve only scratched the surface so far but I can see that these DVDs contain the real gems of magic, not just Paul’s act but a hell of a lot more. If only I could have an extra day between, say, Thursday and Friday so I can watch all the DVDs in peace and solitude I’d be a very happy chappie!

Re: BRAVURA by Paul Daniels

PostPosted: Jun 21st, '14, 22:50
by soveda
I'm currently making my way through Bravura, I can't really add much to what Mandrake has posted except that there is so much value in hearing about stage craft that even if you are not interested in the routine you will find something to learn from on this DVD set (well, mr Lewis of this parish may disagree :wink: but then again...).

Re: BRAVURA by Paul Daniels

PostPosted: Aug 19th, '15, 18:53
by Philpot
Great review from Mandrake.

I have watched this twice so far and know that it is going to become a habit. There is so much here. Paul Daniels is something of a mentor for me and what a real gentleman he is too. Anyone who is serious about classic magic must have this. How often has a master given everything away? The answer is to my knowledge, never.

This is an amazing collection, just outstanding. I would recommend this to everyone regardless of ability, there is so much in here.This really is a gift to the world of magic.

Cheers, Phil

Re: BRAVURA by Paul Daniels

PostPosted: Apr 15th, '16, 12:17
by Mandrake
A few weeks ago I started watching these again, mainly prompted by Paul's demise. One thing I rarely do is read the leaflets with DVDs but this time I did and I noticed (in several languages and very small print!) an offer to send a download of Paul's Max Malini show. Having emailed the issue number on the sheet, and after three weeks, the link arrived today - it's taking about 3 hours to download either of the big or small file versions so I'll check it out later tonight. In case you haven't spotted this offer, go gettit pronto!