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PostPosted: Aug 29th, '16, 20:42
by geemmick

Hello guys!

I’m really glad to show you my first magic creation, which is an Android app.
It lets you do various effects:
- turn on the screen and show a prediction without touching the phone,
- force a card,
- take a picture of the spectator, ask him to think of a card and show the pic with the thought card,
- predict a freely chosen song,
- predict literally whatever you want with a gimmicked web browser,
- predict a calculation result,
- put a coin/card/bill in your phone screen.

The trailer:

The app: ... 7.geemmick

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs!

Enjoy! :)


Note from Mods: Welcome to TM, as long as this is a freebie you're OK to post here but if there's any payment involved then you'd need to check with the forum owner about advertising.

Re: GEEmmicK

PostPosted: Aug 30th, '16, 11:26
by magicofthemind
In-app Products
£8.49 per item

There's no mention of what these are.


Re: GEEmmicK

PostPosted: Aug 30th, '16, 21:04
by Mandrake
Thanks Barry, I noticed the reference to in app purchases but I couldn't see if the basic app would run FOC with the purchases being optional. If anyone can clarify, or if we see no further contributory posts from the author, we'll know what to do.

Re: GEEmmicK

PostPosted: Aug 30th, '16, 23:16
by geemmick
Hi! The app is actually a freemium. You can do several effects without paying. The inapp purchase enables premium option in order to customise settings, the number to force for instance.
Hope that it clarifies.


Re: GEEmmicK

PostPosted: Aug 31st, '16, 08:02
by Mandrake
Thank you Eric.