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PostPosted: Dec 2nd, '05, 10:48
by kems

I love the Biddle trick but dont really like the tent vanish move, anyone have any suggestions?

PostPosted: Dec 2nd, '05, 11:04
by Mahoney
You could just wave the packet over their hands then fan them to show you now only have 4? Although I don't think that would be as good as the tent vanish. Why don't you like the tent vanish?

PostPosted: Dec 2nd, '05, 16:37
by Zero000
kems wrote:I love the Biddle trick but dont really like the tent vanish move, anyone have any suggestions?

yeah, me either, i dont really use it all the time cause im not too good at it. instead, what i do is i place all the cards in my palm and take my other hand an dplace it on top and pretened to squeeze. then contiunue with the routine
add your own patter, mines not that great :D

PostPosted: Dec 2nd, '05, 19:27
by dat8962
Nothing wrong with the tent vanish - it's a nice little move with loads of misdirection that can be used in other tricks as well as the Biddle trick

PostPosted: Jan 24th, '09, 14:57
by Fabian
Looking forward to getting this in the near future... :)

PostPosted: Jan 24th, '09, 18:14
by Johnny Wizz
fab1qaz wrote:Looking forward to getting this in the near future... :)

This DVD has not appeared in this forum for a long time. It was my first magic DVD and I still go back to it friom time to time. It is a great learning DVD.

PostPosted: Jan 25th, '09, 17:01
by Fabian
Should arrive on Tuesday by the latest. I'm looking forward to the visual guide of sleights that I can devour! :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Jan 26th, '09, 17:44
by Spanky
This was the first magic DVD that I brought.
It taught me everything I needed to know in the beginning.
Very good and clear instructions.
This is a must for any budding magician that is starting out.



PostPosted: Jan 26th, '09, 20:14
by Lenoir
I've heard it's a brilliant DVD but I cannot STAND him. He personifies everything I hate about the new way of magic.

PostPosted: Jan 27th, '09, 23:41
by TheStoner
Lenoir wrote:I've heard it's a brilliant DVD but I cannot STAND him. He personifies everything I hate about the new way of magic.

Surely this comment needs some explanation and justification? Like is he worse than David Blaine? Is it his language, manner, technique, dress-sense or what - I'm intrigued now. Do tell! I've only ever heard great things about this as a beginners DVD.

PostPosted: Jan 27th, '09, 23:50
by EckoZero
He's a good teacher and a genuinely likeable chap.

I can understand entirely why Lenoir would be grated by that :wink: :lol:

PostPosted: Jan 28th, '09, 09:02
by Demitri
I can't speak for Lenoir - but Oz, for me, always had an air of cockiness to him. It was something that jumped out from the first video I ever saw. However - when I finally got to see him live, my opinion changed. The cockiness I saw was given some context - and while it's a little more amped up than a typical performer - it's really just a natural confidence he has in himself. Speaking with him after the show, he couldn't have been more friendly. I was a fan of his before the show, but I became a bigger fan after getting to actually talk with him.

PostPosted: Jan 28th, '09, 10:15
by Mandrake
I saw Oz at the Ipswich Magic Day a couple of years ago, he did a superb lecture, very friendly, very much on a down to earth level with all the people there and certainly no hint of any superiority. He stood watching and applauding the other lecturers just like the rest of us, he's OK IMHO!

PostPosted: Jan 29th, '09, 22:46
by Fabian
Been studying B2P for two days and I think it's great! :shock:
I've never seen the Erdnase colour change method before, but I must say it is BEA-U-TIFUL (Bruce Almighty hehe). Such a clever, clever move, I absolutely love it.
I also think Mr. Pearlman is pretty cool and my opinions have changed towards him. When you see his trailers for DVDs on Penguin Magic, you see him very close to the camera, saying "This is killer stuff! You will get an amazing DVD! Learn all these moves!" etc etc, and I was a bit cautious to buy it when I 1st saw the trailer because he seems to love hyping it all up. With that said, after being recommended B2P and purchasing it, I have to say I was wrong about him. Oz is a cool guy, and I think he teaches very well... I did the "Ultimate Transpo" today in school and my teacher almost swore! :D
He said "Oh, F...." I thought he going to finish, but no, he improvised and just said "Fabian!" :roll:
So, yeah I'd recommend this to newbies like me. :D


Born to Perform download version

PostPosted: Feb 10th, '09, 02:42
by TerryC
Based on the reviews here I recently purchased this item. However, Penguin sells it for a few dollars less if you download. So, I paid my money and downloaded--but it wouldn't work for me.

It seems that they have added copy protection--DRM--which would normally prompt Windows Media Player to request a licence from Penguin. But it didn't do this for me. Media Player said there was something wrong with my sound card (which there isn't). So, I downloaded it again onto a different machine--this time it said that I was missing some Codecs. However, the MS website was less than helful.

Finally, the Penguin site has a link to a fix--and this didn't work either.

Penguin, being an excellent company, admitted they are having problems with DRM, and are sending me the DVD version without any additional charge.