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Spooked - The ultimate haunted deck - By Nicholas Einhorn

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '06, 19:18
by Binary

Spooked - By Nicholas Einhorn

The Effect :

The spectator shuffles the deck and hands it out, the deck can be completely examined, the deck is handed back and is fanned, and the audience freely pick any card.

The spectators remember the card and place it back into the middle of the deck. The magician then places the deck on the floor, and at the magicians command it visibly seperates itself, and one card flies out of the deck, which happens to be the spectators card.

Cost : £60 - £65 - Available from many magic stores, including JB Magic and

Comes supplied with gimmick and instructional DVD

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

3 (Easy to do, but requires a certain amount of practice to get used to the gimmick if you haven't used it before)


The effect is fantastic. I have never recieved better reactions with any audience than I do with this trick.

Normally the audience are completely gobsmacked before their card flies out, so that is just the icing on the cake.

The only downside is that lighting conditions must be taken into account. Some lighting will show the gimmick, but its fine in most circumstances.

The DVD is very easy to understand, and works you through step by step. It also shows it performed several times, and gives many performance tips.


9/10 - A fantastic effect, which gets me reactions better than any other trick.

This is my first review/post, hopefully I will post more in the future :)

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '06, 19:43
by MagicAL
Nice review. I bought this a while back when I saw Nick lecture. It really is a fantastic effect. My only gripe is that it is almost too good. As a result I always use it as a closer. It seems to me that no matter what knuckle cracking slight of hand you can wow them with they always like this effect the best!

Seems expensive, and I think I paid £50 for VHS version at a special lecture deal. But it really is good.

P.s. If you ever get the chjance to see Nick lecture, make sure you go. He is a model performer. Highly skilled and very entertaining.

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '06, 22:36
by Stephen Ward
Yes a great effect. I purchased mine when it first came out. You can learn it quite quickly. I like to shoot two or even three cards out of the deck. If you have the budget and like this kind of effect then you should consider it.


PostPosted: Sep 7th, '06, 08:30
by lalacup
im just wondering before i make my purchase if it requires you to wear sleeves or some kinda clothes

Re: sleeves?

PostPosted: Sep 7th, '06, 10:11
by EckoZero
lalacup wrote:im just wondering before i make my purchase if it requires you to wear sleeves or some kinda clothes

I think unless you want to get arrested, all magic requires you to wear some kind of clothes :wink: :lol: :lol:

PostPosted: Sep 7th, '06, 10:21
by kalyalien
One thing I would say is that you have to be careful with your reel (you'll know when you buy it) It can be fragile when used alot, and replacememts are 30 quid, I've spent alot of money on this trick, well worth every penny in my eyes though, borrowed and returned deck is a killer!!!!!

PostPosted: Aug 14th, '07, 13:19
by ultimatecreate
'one card flies out of the deck'

can it fly out + levitate to your hand?



PostPosted: Aug 14th, '07, 15:23
by Stephen Ward
It does not levitate. What happens it that you put the deck on the floor a distance away from yourself, the deck cuts itself and the one (or even three) cards will shoot out of the deck and across the floor. I use this a lot and i can tell you that it is just as strong as a levitation. Do this with any deck and make it really weird. For example, get an old deck of cards (you know the ancient reproductions), age them using your favourite method and then slightly singe them to make them look like they have been in a fire. Put them in an old box and tell the tale how these were found in a house that burnt down. It is said that the spirit of the owner is inside the cards. Then do the trick for amazing reactions from people.

PostPosted: Aug 14th, '07, 15:33
by greedoniz
I do like the idea of using an aged deck and using the haunted story. Very nice indeed.

Due to problems I own this but haven't performed this often but this looks to have been sorted thanks to stephenmagic (I was being dumb as usual).
The times I have used spooked the reactions have been phenomenal. The fact that the deck can be examined and shuffled, then the the card cuts itself when you are nowhere near it and the deck can be examined afterwards just blows the spectators socks off

PostPosted: Aug 18th, '07, 10:16
by MagicAL
Great effect. And as others have said an ideal closer. I watched Nick perform this about 5 feet away from me at a lecture. I just had to get it. The gimmick you get with it is great although fragile, I broke mine while learning the effect (doh!) But you can get replacements from any magic dealer at a range of prices. You get what you pay for I think.

Have not done it for a while now, but thats not because its not good, just not impromtu for the season we are in at the moment. Well with British weather it is I suppose. :roll:

Seems expensive but it is worth it if you perform.

PostPosted: Aug 18th, '07, 15:36
by TheLondonI
I absolutly love it. It is my favourite effect I have ever purchased, and I mean ever. Try performing this with a borrowed deck and people will belive you are in league with the devil! I have had so much fun with this trick. Just trust me, 70 pounds is what this product is worth. Also you can always buy it from Penguin and get it a bit cheaper.

PostPosted: Aug 18th, '07, 19:32
by ultimatecreate
Does penguin only operate from the US? Seem to only sell in dollars...? Never used them before (as im sure is obvious :? )

Cheers, A

PostPosted: Aug 18th, '07, 22:04
by Stephen Ward
You can also get this direct from Nick You will need a bit of practise to get three cards working but does not take too long

PostPosted: Aug 19th, '07, 00:22
by TheLondonI
ultimatecreate wrote:Does penguin only operate from the US? Seem to only sell in dollars...? Never used them before (as im sure is obvious :? )

Cheers, A

Yeah you can purchase through Paypal like normal, and Paypal take out the equivelent pound sterling ammount. For example say something costs $100 they will take out say 50 pounds.

As for postage time they say about 2-3 weeks. I have had three orders from them, the first two(slightly smaller orders) took a week to come and the third (larger order) took 2 and a half weeks. The prices are a hell of alot cheaper than UK and on all my orders they have put the order down as a sample so I haven't had to pay and import tax.

PostPosted: Aug 19th, '07, 01:04
by ultimatecreate
holy cow - they are a hell of a lot cheaper! If i buy electric touch, i basically get spooked free on the savings i made!