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Color Monte (packet trick) review

PostPosted: Aug 14th, '06, 23:03
by cGodfrey

I don't think that anyone has done a review on this trick so I will, if one has been done please let me know.

Here is a link to a site that has a video so you can see this performed. ... =85&catid=

If you are a fan of packet tricks then this is a must for you! This is my favorite packet effect by far. The sleights used are no more than any beginner should know, so in saying that this is a good trick for a beginner and for a novice or pro, you can do wonders.

The effect is a simple monte based trick with a suprise ending, but it uses "special" cards. They are not gimmicked they are just not from a regular deck of Bikes. They have big shiney diamonds on them so the spectator can definatly see the difference in the cards color. Hence the name Color Monte. So basically this is an all sleight of hand and patter trick.

The cost is a mere $4.50 so it is very affordable, and still with its meger price it is a wonderful trick. I feel that the price alone is worth it, not to mention that it will leave your spectators doing the "what the..." thing.

I would rate the slieghts, because they are basic and should be known as a 2 on the five scale, 2 because one move is different and pretty unique to this trick. The move is just a variation of a very common sleight, so 2 is what this gets.

Over all with the price being so low and the sleights being really simple, I would rate this trick 7 or 8 out of 10. Why so low, if I like it so much? Well, because you most definatly cannot show this trick twice to the same person. It is only a suprise ending once, but that once is all you need to make this trick a wonderful addition to any magician's arsenal.

Watch the video in the link I provided and see for yourself.

Good luck!

PostPosted: Aug 15th, '06, 08:53
by AJ82
I relly like the colour monte and find it a nice trick to carry round in my pocket. Also once you have it you can adapt it to your own style.
Nice review.

PostPosted: Aug 15th, '06, 08:57
by katrielalex
The main thing I find about the Colour Monte is that you need to find a good patter for it. I prefer to use two jokers than the shiny cards as they scream "gimmick" to the audience but I almost never do this just because I can't find a good patter to justify their use. (I don't like the original gambling patter... it isn't 'me'.)

Nice review though,


PostPosted: Aug 15th, '06, 09:46
by seige
If you're looking for an adapt for the colour monte which is easy and fits the exact same performance:

1. Take two cards from a deck, a Jack and a Queen. Also obtain a blank face card which matches the deck. On the blank card, I scribble the persons' name to whom I'm performing, with the line "xxx OWES [your name] £14"

2. My patter discards (obviously) the coloured diamond scenario, and I just perform a straight 'find the lady' monte.

3. The kicker at the end of revealing the spectator's name on a card really gets a great reaction, and they can keep the card.

PostPosted: Aug 15th, '06, 11:08
by Stephen Ward
A very good effect that you should have if you don't already. Our man above stocks this :wink:

PostPosted: Aug 15th, '06, 13:28
by Craig Browning
This is one of the few Packet Tricks I still do... been a favorite of mine since the mid-1970s (along with the Gypsy's Curse).

I've always done both more or less as they're written, adding my Carney (busker/barker) personna and it's not ever failed me :wink:

One of my Alltime favorites

PostPosted: Dec 27th, '06, 17:48
by Dr. B.A.Loonatic
I have been using this trick for over 10 years. It is definitely my favorite "packet" trick and I have gone through several packets over the years. I average buying about 4 replacements each year. I have built a reputation on this trick. Even though I understand that a trick should never be repeated for a given audience, I have found that close family and friends enjoy seeing it again and again, just not at the same sitting. They already know the "surprise" finish but they love to hear the story and insist on seeing it again. They still don't know how I do it even after several year's worth of family get-togethers. I made up my own story, which follows the "gambling" theme and also incorporates the "carnival" aspect that Craig mentioned. This is the ONLY trick I knowingly repeat for ANYONE, EVER, PERIOD. (There have been times when I worked a kid's party and some of the kids saw my show last week or last month, that can't be helped). I try to mix it up a bit, but sometimes things just happen that way.

I only have ONE "bad" thing to say about it: It can be difficult to tell the difference between the red and blue diamond cards in some low light situations. I literally carry a small flashlight when I do my restaurant work and have the specs give me a "spotlight" (I usually Ham it up, this can be a great gag!) to compensate for dim lighting.

My scale is 1-10, 10 being my highest/best rating.

Value: priceless (cost about 5 bux U.S.)

Difficulty: 9/10 (very easy to do, if you are a Novice, make sure the seller takes you aside and shows you the moves personally)

Impact: 10/10

My rating: 10/10 (the "priceless" more than makes up for the "9" in difficulty)

Dr. B.A.Loonatic