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Wild Levitation

PostPosted: Aug 18th, '06, 21:04
by mccabe24

The Effect
The performer removes his jacket and places it in front of himself so only his feet are showing. He then lifts both feet off of the ground and levitates in mid-air! While he is in the air, he can rock back and forth and side to side (this is optional). This is done without any gimmicks and can be done with almost any pair of shoes and jacket (they have to fit you).

$33.95 USD from

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
3. You will need to practice it a bit before you can perform it.

This is probably the best levitation method I have ever seen because the spectator clearly sees both feet leave the ground. The effect is made even better by the fact that you can rock side to side and back and forth using this method. It is a bit expencive though, so only buy it if you are VERY interested in it.

7.5/10. I took two marks off because of the price and half a mark off because one in every 200 or so people can figure it out if it isn't done completly perfectly.

PostPosted: Aug 25th, '06, 16:16
by mccabe24
I guess I should also mention that all of this is done facing the audeince so they don't think you are using any weird angles. There is also a way that you can have a spectator slide something under both feet without revealing the secret!

PostPosted: Aug 25th, '06, 16:34
by LordOfChange
I have to say IMO I was'nt very impressed with this one, I just don't like the having to be behind a jacket thing, I prefer the balducci myself

PostPosted: Aug 25th, '06, 16:49
by mccabe24
That's true, some people don't like being behind a jacket, so then I would recomend the King Rising levitation, as a lot of laymen know about the Balducci.

PostPosted: Aug 25th, '06, 16:52
by LordOfChange
Well, I would normally say KR myself too, but due to a certain problem with my footwear I can't perform it.
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PostPosted: Aug 29th, '06, 00:29
by mccabe24
If your shoes don't allow you to perform the king rising, there is a chance you won't be able to do the Wild Levitation.

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PostPosted: Sep 4th, '06, 02:29
by e2x2e

PostPosted: Sep 10th, '06, 20:21
by mjoel
I'm not going to do a re-hash of a stage effect with all these covers for a street setting. I want to really appear like I'm floating, and by viewing the preview, it looks very cheesy to me.

It's kindof funny how the people who are bashing the Zero Gravity levitation are the same people who praise this one. WL is even more fishy than ZG.

PostPosted: Sep 11th, '06, 12:43
by Craig Browning
They're all "'cheesy"

If this is the one I think it is I can't help but laugh in that the gimmick costs a whole $2.00 in any Office Supply House... well, one key part of the gimmick.. the other part is more expensive not to mention stupid (in my opinion)

For about the same price you can buy a copy of Docc Hilford's IMPROMPTU LEVITIONS which came out long before all the current trends... I know Stevens Magic carries it here in the U.S. The video gives you about a half-dozen routines that cost little to nothing to perform and can be done with little to no control factors. :wink:

PostPosted: Sep 11th, '06, 23:19
by mccabe24
This levitation can be done impromtu, with no gimmicks.

PostPosted: Sep 15th, '06, 08:57
by lalacup
i would not say totally impromptu, and it requires practise practise and more rpactise. my friend did it on me before when he had not perfected the trick yet, and i figured it out after watching it twice. i dont really like the behind the jacket thing, although ur feet looks really like its floating, it just gives this sense of imperfection. but my comments are only to myself. i think it is because i only like visual tricks. this is a stunner when performed well and to all interested in this: please please please practise practise and more practise. you would not want to end up like my friend, getting all exposed and stuff :lol:

PostPosted: Sep 15th, '06, 15:12
by mccabe24
That is totally right. You do need to practice this a lot in order to do it correctly and not be found out. Also, I should probably mention that the jacket has to be large enough to cover from your waist to your legs.

PostPosted: Sep 15th, '06, 20:29
by Craig Browning
Let me clarify something here...

"Impromptu" in the real world means that you need "nothing" special, you can just do it.

"Impromptu" in the magic world typically means that if you are at the ready, what you use allows the demonstration to APPEAR TO BE improvisational and clean.

Everything I've read and seen on this trick relates straight back to a $50.00 ripp-off piece that was being pawned a few years back which used a special kind of document clip and a shoe that's been adapted for a modified version of the Balducci or, you can likewise cheat in another couple of ways via the use of a nearby shopping bag or chair.

Look up an old Boy Scouts handbook from the early 1970s and study the vanishing leg routine outlined there for the Magic Merit Badge, combine that with what I've said here and I'll bet you'll be able to not only do the tirck but kick yourself in the head at the same time for arguing with an old dog that knows most of the tricks. :wink:

PostPosted: Sep 15th, '06, 21:18
by mccabe24
Thanks, Craig, but I am well aware of what the word improptu means. There is a way that you can pull off this effect WITHOUT ANY GIMMICKS. You don't even have to buy the acctual Wild Levitation to figure it out. Just look at a video of somebody doing this and try to think of what they could be doing behind the jacket. This can be done with a borrowed jacket and borrowed shoes (though I don't know why you would want to borrow shoes :wink: ) WITH OUT A GIMMICK. I might of said this before, but you can show the scoles of your shoes in mid air with the impromptu vesion.

PostPosted: Jun 27th, '08, 20:21
by Athrun
I find this levitation cheesy and funny. What I like is the King Rising Levitation. I performed this to my classmates and man, they were shocked. It's as strong as it could get. Pretty amazing. They can see both of your feet rise from the ground, without any cover. Downside is, you have an angle. Don't know this one? Just search it in Youtube! :D