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Millenium Pack - Bicycle Cards

PostPosted: Oct 11th, '06, 17:00
by Andyb

The Effect
The Millenium Set


Diamond Jim Tyler, whose Diamond Deck was such a big hit, has done it again. This time, it's the Millennium Pack!
What is the Millennium Pack, you ask? Why, it's a deck that can be used as, now hold onto your hats here, a Stripper Deck, Svengali Deck, 50/50 Force Deck, 2-Way Force Deck, Pop-Eyed Popper Deck, Psychomatic Deck, ID, Mirage Deck and more! It can even be used as a normal deck.

Pretty much anything that you would want to do with a gimmicked pack of cards can be done with the Millennium Pack!

It even includes a new principle, the Sideways-Svengali, where the cards are riffled on the long side, rather than the short side. This opens up all kinds of interesting possibilities.

Comes complete with two very special Bicycle poker-size decks and complete instructions.


£15-£20 Depending on where from

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
1-3 Not a trick more a gimmick to be used and abused!!


Before anyone gets it in I have to state that this is just a couple of packs of Bikes - But gives you alot of potential.......

You get a list of ideas and set ups that can be achieved with the decks as well as detailed instructions for some routines and tricks - however with some imagination and flair this can be made into so much more.

One of the packs that you get can be used as a regular deck - dependant on your set up and freely shown whereas the other may not!! The combination of Svengali/Invisible/Stripper and forcing Decks in one means that those people who prefer just to use gimmicks will be in their element. Also - if you just want an easy time where the deck does the work for you - go get it!!

The system does use a combination of methods L+S/R+S/Tapered but all in the same deck and you could build your own version of the same thing quite easily.


I started off originally (way way back) with a Svengali deck before progressing so the ideas given with this set are familiar but with the right setting - this can be amusing! As I said before - this can be made at home probably using your existing sets - however for ease this is great.
I think that for the working proffesional or someone who loves to use a regular deck - don't do it. However if you want to buy a (expensive) set of cards that will do everything - this is your lot.
I have tried only taking this set out with me at night and have had a fantastic time - but wasn't wanting anything signed/ripped or folded!!

And they come in a metal collectors tin!!

6/10 - Working Pro
9/10 - Hobbyist

PS - If I have missed anything here please let me know - and I will ammend my review!

Thanks :P

PostPosted: Feb 22nd, '09, 01:36
by TerryC
I know this is an old post, but in case anyone is interested the manufacturer claims:

With these two gaffed decks you can create some of the best trick decks from the past century, like:
    - Stripper Deck
    - Svengali Deck
    - 50/50 Force Deck
    - 2-Way Force Deck
    - Psychomatic Deck
    - McCombical Deck
    - Pop-Eyed Popper
    - ID
    - Mirage Deck
    - And more...

It sure looks like the Swiss Army knife of gaffed deck. However, I am not sure it is available any more. It is still listed at the MagicProShop, for about $29.95 but they are out of stock.

PostPosted: Feb 22nd, '09, 10:15
by Replicant
Reminds me of the Cassandra deck.