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Pimpernel Notecase Wallet by Peter Scarlett

PostPosted: Oct 29th, '06, 16:23
by Johnny Bravo

The Effect
From the web site

A practical hip pocket style wallet’
A Peter Scarlett creation
One effect: A wallet is placed on the table. A spectator chooses a card from a normal deck, and SIGNS the face - the card is returned to the deck which is SHUFFLED. The performer says he is so confident that he can find the card under these impossible conditions, that he will put money on it! The wallet is opened and money removed - AT NO TIME DOES THE WALLET GO ANYWHERE NEAR THE DECK - the performer removes one card from the deck and places it in a transparent window in the wallet. “If YOUR card is NOT in the wallet, the MONEY is YOURS!” The card is removed from the transparent window but proves to be the wrong card - as the spectator grabs for the money the performer draws attention to a small ZIPPERED POCKET on the other side of the open wallet - the zip is opened and the SIGNED, SELECTED is removed
A Billfold style wallet that does everything the Himber wallet does and more!
Looks like an ordinary wallet no straps no gimmicks no slides no hassle!
Real leather built to last
Complete with several routines
A utility prop with endless uses

£45 inc postage from The wallet is available elsewhere but generally with postage costs.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
Depends on your routine of course but for the wallet handling I'd say a 1.

1st off I ordered this direct from Peters web site last Sunday & recieved it on tuesday. The wallet has 11 pockets, 2 of which are zippers, 2 of which are plastic see through, 2 of which are the length of the wallet note holders, 2 of which are credit card size holders & the rest are tucked away.

The wallet is hip pocket size & came in black with a 25 page instructional booklet with various routines.

Prior to getting into magic I was not a wallet person so can't really comment on the quality of the wallet but it seems well built, smells of leather. I've chucked a few business cards, credit cards in it, duplicated my driving license & it looks totally genuine.

Of the various routines that come with the wallet I haven't really settled on what I shall be using the wallet for, for the most but thats the neat part, it has many applications.

One application that isn't mentioned on the sales blurb is that the wallet can also be used as a peak, those with a stealth assasin will know...

One thing I added to the wallet was 3 magnets which kept it all a bit tidier for me, not really sure why it doesn't come like this?

Yep, when in a gigging situation I shall be using this wallet, along with my stealth assasin. It has different features & thus is gonna be very useful.
As to a score well it does what it says, its well made & if your after a decent wallet for everyday & magical use you really can't go wrong here.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

PostPosted: Jan 23rd, '07, 01:14
by russellmagic
i've actually met peter and he is brilliant. he did this effect for me and it was superb!! he also did three ropes and a baby trick which just blew me away.
keep up the good work peter.

andy :D