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Decisions - Mozique

PostPosted: Dec 14th, '06, 15:55
by Tom Lauten

Decisions - Mozique £19.99


Difficulty: 1-2 out of 5

Mentalism effect/utility:

They say:
From the creative mind of Mozique comes "Decisions." An incredibly organic looking test of precognition. A simple yet unbelievable demonstration of predicting your spectators actions! Using two cards one with the word NO and the other with the word YES hand written on the face, you set your spectator some simple challenges. No matter which way your spectator decides to go you are always able to correctly predict the outcome.

Includes routines by Mozique, Peter Nardi, Looch & Simon Grant.

Decisions is a self working mental miracle taking you back to what mentalism should be, simple, direct & pure!

Each precision gimmick is beautifully hand made by the undisputed king of gaffed cards Rob Bromley.

No Sleight of hand required as the special gimmick does all the hard work for you, leaving you to concentrate on the presentation!

Decisions is a Utility item designed for the discerning mentalist and is limited only by your imagination!

Custom Hand Made Gimmick

No Sleight Of Hand

No Funny Moves (Only one card on the table)

Totally Examinable at the beginning and end of the effect

No nail writing or dry wipe

Instant Reset

No Sticky Cards, No Magnets or R & S, No Elastic or Flaps

Gimmick invisible even at close range

Instantly reset for a repeat performance!


Well I only just got this but I must say this is a very clever bit of kit.

The gaff is made by Rob Bromley...a man legend for his card gaffs and this one is no exception. The work is clever and perfectly engineered. The gaff is nearly invisible, an ingenious by-product of the design itself.

I have seen a similar effect to this released by a "one man band" in the past but it did involve more "fiddly" work and wasn't the same in terms of exact function, it's one of those situations where simultaneous concepts float around for a while and eventually one or two rise to the top so all kudos to Mozique!

If you don't like the idea of simple "right and wrong" or "challenge" effects then you might be put off by the way the description reads but the routines provided (8 by my count) in the 44-page mini-booklet offer loads of variations and presentations and will be able to elevate the basic function to wicked levels.

The only "down-side" I can see is that the words are all written out for you (when you get the gaff you'll see why) and they may not visually match up with you hand writing 100% but to me this isn't the biggest issue in the world and not, by any means, a "deal-breaker".

I do hear rumours that there are "blank" cards coming out for those who may want to make up their own cards, e.g. "Left / Light", "True / False" etc. etc.

Decisions can be used as a stand-alone effect / routine or as part of a larger set, or as a tool to force information. Like most good utilities it is flexible.

Rating: Value for money - 9/10, Workmanship - 9/10, Routines - 9.5/10, Ease of use - 10/10

Overall: 9.5/10


PostPosted: Dec 14th, '06, 17:39
by Charles Calthrop
Thanks for that. I've been waiting for a review of this.

Would you say the props will stand up well in use? Do they need particularly careful treatment? And I'm curious about what size they are poker-size or more jumbo?

PostPosted: Dec 14th, '06, 18:22
by Tom Lauten
They are poker size and if you are not heavy handed, you work with clean "paws" and you are careful not to throw them onto dirty tables or bar tops you will be fine for ages.

PostPosted: Dec 14th, '06, 20:30
by bronz
I know a guy who's on his second set of these in a month and he's not used them much. However when I had a look the gimmick looked solid enough so maybe he was unlucky. Certainly a precision item.

Speaking of precision on a completely different topic, has anyone seen the Masuda Frozen In Time gimmick? Now that is a thing of beauty.

PostPosted: Dec 17th, '06, 11:12
by Tom Lauten
Having had a good read through the routines again, I think this prop, along with the routines offered will feature very strongly in a LOT of performers routines.

All of the authors seem to have out of their way to avoid the blatant "challenge" type effect, you know, the "No matter what you say I'll guess it" type thing? The routines are far more focused upon the spectator and surprisingly well away from the props...excellent work.

OH YES!!! Mozique is the chap who designed and made the gimmicks originally...Rob Bromley is making them now for the marketed effect through where credit is due.

PostPosted: Dec 19th, '06, 14:38
by Kevin Cann
I assume you have to know their answer before you show the card & that the work is done as you touch the card to turn over & reveal the answer ?

Can the spectator turn the card over ?

PostPosted: Dec 29th, '06, 12:32
by lindz
I have just purchased this and i have to say this is a real beauty of an item. When i recived the cards and the gaff i was amazed at the simplicity of it, but like tom said rob bromley is an absolute genius at making gaff cards. This will be in my repoirtoire for a long time i must say a 10 out of 10 from me.

PostPosted: Jan 8th, '07, 13:28
by Johnny Bravo
Darn this forum, just ordered this along with Wow from Alacazam. Have had some previous stuff from Rob Bromley & I know the quality will be excellent, looking forward to it.

PostPosted: Jan 8th, '07, 13:50
by lindz
my wow is on pre order ive been waiting for it before christmas and i cant wait for it to come.

PostPosted: Jan 9th, '07, 19:14
by Johnny Bravo
Just got these today & I agree that the gimmick card is very well made & a rather lovely idea, however...

I don't like / follow any of the routines in the booklet at all. Now admittedly I've only just read the booklet from front to back & haven't actually worked through a routine but for example the 1st routine by Peter Nardi Heads & Tails. Spec throws a coin, shouts heads or tails & the card you turn over states either Yes he got it right or No he didn't. I feel this routine isn't very well written or explained.
At what point do you turn over the yes/no card, where does the coin land, does it land revealed or covered up, where are your yes no cards kept?

The next routine Coin To Hand Finale is only applicable if you already own a "guess which hand the spec is holding a coin in" effect.

The next effect Predicted Outcome you'll need a multiple out wallet.

I'll leave it there for now as the next few routines are longer & deserve more time before I moan at them.

I think what I'm not understanding with this effect is the switch. You only have two cards, one says yes or no & the gaff.
Do you keep these on the table in full view, in which case you need to make sure no one is following which card is which?
Do you keep them in a top pocket & pull out your chosen reveal, people would suspect though?

Nope at this point not getting this at all, think I need a lie down...


PostPosted: Jan 9th, '07, 20:31
by lindz
The heads and coins routine the first one is very confusin i had that particular one demod on me and i was a bit confused so personally i would go through the others or make your own one up.

PostPosted: Jan 9th, '07, 21:08
by AndyRegs
As has been said, these are a utility item, and people will find their own presentations. I have a few ideas of my own I'm playing with. Perhaps it may be worth a few people knocking a few ideas back and forth in the restricted area.
Of the routines supplied, I like the the sub-con - Ran Pink routine the best, as it takes all the heat off the gimmick completely, and leaves the spectator with a nice ending.

PostPosted: Jan 10th, '07, 01:02
by Johnny Bravo
:) Got a bit frustrated earlier with the first few routines but I do like the sub coin routine, plus when I'm in a creative mood I'm sure I'll be able to think of my own ideas.

I now have another problem. My gaff has stopped, its as if gravity has given up on it & is looking the other way :?:
Had the card in my hand for about 2 - 3 minutes this afternoon when I 1st looked at it & then put it back with the other cards in its little bag, just got it out again now & zilcho.

I'm sure I'll have no probs with alakazam when I get in touch re this but doesn't bode well long term :(

PostPosted: Jan 10th, '07, 16:45
by Tom Lauten
I found the manual a little bit "befuddling" myself. It is of a small physical format so there is a fair amount of back and forthing with the pages within some of the routines.

The other thing is that the routines and cards use the words "Yes" and "No" that gets a bit difficult to write clearly for and refer to in terms of definative, staged me, its a tough one to do.

I would suggest re-reading them slowly with the cards in front of you. I had the same problems but with a second or third reading everything fell into place.

Some of the timings or turning of the cards are a bit indistinct but logic will help pull things into focus for has been said, this is a utility and you will develope your personalised handlings I'm sure.

PostPosted: May 31st, '07, 18:10
by Markdini
This chaps and chapesse's is a fine bit of work. Not to be rude to the other guys but its mentalists mentalism. Bit like magicy magic. The Looch routine is top notch I am a big fan of his stuff and this is my fav in the book so far.

And if it is good enough for dezzer its good enough for me ... ns+mozique

Ok I havent used it live yet but I feel this will become a staple in my act along with Clearly predictable by spellman and lost in shadow by looch.