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PostPosted: Jul 17th, '03, 18:36
by Mandrake

Thanks for the review, Tom, one or two other reviews 'elsewhere' have criticised this effect because it uses a US product and would therefore be a bit suspect over here. The same sort of thinking - with some justification - affects the use of US coins rather than good ol' UK coinage.

Speaking out of ignorance (because I haven't seen the Lip Smacker props, not just because I'm an ignorant s*d anyway!) could the 'container' supplied be refilled with domestic product such as Tic Tacs or do you have to buy the real McCoy? And could the mint appear from elsewhere rather than between your lips? I'm not thinking of anything rude here, just wondering if the production could be varied as some folks take exception to items being displayed in the mouth. (And on that point I'll shut up because I can see plenty of scope for filthy comments! :oops: )

PostPosted: Feb 14th, '09, 00:54
by talkmagicguy
the box is HUGE. Like ridiculously huge. It looks out of place in the US too (even though it's a real product). It's so huge as to look fake even. Seriously. I mean, lying down it's as thick as an altoids box i suppose but standing up (which is how you're going to use it), it's REALLY thick. I am going to take the gimmick and see if i can find another brand of mints and make my own. Something that is in between the size of a tic tac box and the box given hopefully