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Raven X2

PostPosted: Jan 8th, '07, 12:22
by Lady of Mystery

The Effect

Make coins and other object vanish, appear and change in the palm of your or even your spectators hand.


around £30

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1 this is very easy


I've always loved the Raven, however used it more as a tool to clean up after tricks than to actually perform any magic directly. The X2 is identical in concept to the original Raven except for the fact that it's now 'double headed'.

Does this improve the Raven? In some ways yes and in some ways no. It is much easier to perform switches than with the original version but it is also double the size. Although it's still very easy to conceal, the empty hands movement is slightly more tricky for those of us with small hands (yes your hands can be shown empty before and after performing).

The pack comes with a couple of gimmicked coins for performing a shrinking coin trick, although the coins are American so I'm unlikely to use them. It also comes with a nice bending key trick, the key can be handed out for inspection. The specs can try to bend the key and fail, the key is then placed in the palm, rubbed and it magically bends. A very nice trick which I'll be incorporating into my routine. There are many other ideas for tricks included too.

A lot of people say the setup and reset of the Raven is difficult, I've never found it so and have reset my old original Raven many times in the past in front of spectators.

A very useful tool for coin magic, wether to perform impressive, clean vanishes from the spectators palm or as a clean way to loose palmed coins.

Remember though that only certain coins will work with the Raven (if you're British, there are two very common coins which work perfectly).


7/10 a very useful piece of equipment

PostPosted: Jan 8th, '07, 12:32
by Markdini
I think the raven is a personal choice some hate it some love it, I am one of the people who hate, hate it like a man hates turkey sarnies and I really dont like turkey. Ihave read very mixed reviews on this and the universal raven...

Do you still get that lovley noise when you operate the raven? I always feel it gives the game away. And I am one them who struggles hooking the thing up , but i was thinking about the orginal and what you said use as a tool and i ve come up with a niffty idea for a very famous coin trick.

Nice review by the way.

PostPosted: Jan 8th, '07, 12:45
by Lady of Mystery
you do still get that noise but I've never found it to be a problem. I usually distract the spectator at that point.

I've played with doing a coin matrix effect with it, but never managed to get it to work quite right.

PostPosted: Jan 28th, '07, 16:40
by MysteryMan
I find the Raven X2 to be a great bit of closeup magic. Usually if you do the trick in a public area, there is enough noise in the background that most people will not notice the "click" of the magnet. Also, the Raven X2 has two different sides. One side is more appropriate than the other and I find that this also reduces the noise that is made.

I would personally rate the difficulty at a 2 until you get the hang of pulling it in and out of your shirt. But usually an hour or two of good practice will solve that.

This is one of the greatest tricks and effects of all time.

PostPosted: Jan 28th, '07, 19:41
by russellmagic
holy s***!!!!! exposure, exposure!!!!!!! :roll:

PostPosted: Jan 28th, '07, 22:40
by moonbeam
russellmagic wrote:holy s***!!!!! exposure, exposure!!!!!!! :roll:

I was thinking same.

I think MysteryMan's post needs to be edited slightly :roll:

C'mon Mods - where r u :?:

PostPosted: Jan 29th, '07, 11:03
by Mandrake
OK no worries, it's been edited :wink: !

PostPosted: Jan 29th, '07, 23:20
by MysteryMan
Sorry, guys. I'm still new to this.

PostPosted: Mar 3rd, '07, 22:38
by Mark228
I don't own this but have owned similar tricks and also know how fickle nickle is done etc, couldn't some blutack be used to stop the clicking?

PostPosted: Mar 5th, '07, 21:19
by jamess
With a bit of practice the noise can be reduced greatly, its all about the speed which you do the "magic" bit. Blue tack can help but i find it makes it more prone to sticking to ones torso garments. :)

PostPosted: Mar 6th, '07, 10:27
by Lady of Mystery
play with different speeds and distances, with a bit a practice you can get them pretty much silent.

PostPosted: Mar 7th, '07, 12:09
by Carl Buck
Without giving too much away, and if I do mods please delete ASAP, I have done away with the noise mine makes by sewing an extra layer of material onto the raven. I still do get a sound but not as pronounced, and I cover that by saying the word 'GONE' in my routine at the exact point of the coin disappearing.

PostPosted: Mar 7th, '07, 12:27
by Mandrake
Carlos75 wrote:I cover that by saying the word 'GONE' in my routine at the exact point of the coin disappearing.
Excellent tip - we've said many times here that if items are likely to talk then patter of suitable volume and distracting interest is the easiest way to minimise it.

PostPosted: Mar 7th, '07, 12:52
by Wills
Thats great advice. I also find that relaxed talking while doing something makes people think that any movement is unimportant. Were as excited talking directs people to something seemingly important.

PostPosted: Mar 7th, '07, 15:46
by In kaleidoscopes
what do you guys wear metal underclothes?

Actually Ive had trouble with the noise too. Simple remedy: Snap.