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Stealth Wallet and Sight unseen comparison

PostPosted: Jul 22nd, '03, 14:45
by midge25

I have done a comparison of the two peek devices I have used. Which I hope is of use to some of you who cant decide which is best.

The sight unseen case 2 and Stealth wallet

SUC2 approx £40

This is a very soft leather case that is slightly bigger than a credit card, well made and the gimmick will last for years. It could be used day to day, but only really for upto 3 credit cards and perhaps a single piece of paper money.


The peek device is very simple to use and there is no need, to open up the wallet once the item is inside it. This wallet should last forever, without the need for a replacement. The wallet also lends itself to a few other applications.

It is ideal to be used instead of the wallet supplied with deep astonishment.

It is also a very good wallet for using with a swami, to provide predictions.



A very well made leather wallet, slightly sturdier leather than the one used for the SUC. It is practical to use day to day, for paper money and upto 4/5 credit cards.

Though I am not too sure what effect the gimmick would have on the credit cards. If anyone knows, I would be grateful if someone could confirm this is ok as am using it at the moment, and don’t want to ruin my credit cards.


The gimmick in this wallet is totally different to the SUC, however again it should last for years.

The peek does need a bit more work than the SUC, you need to re open the wallet, once it has been closed, although this does not present a major problem, in a well rehearsed routine. Unlike the SUC this is the wallets only use.


Both wallets offer different options, if you are looking for a wallet that you can use in real life, rather than as a one off magic effect, then the stealth wallet is the best option.

If you are looking to read the mind of a spectator that has not written anything down yet, and you wish to produce a prediction form your wallet, then the SUC cannot be beaten.

I have owned both these wallets, the only thing being, the SUC is something I would tend to carry in addition to my normal wallet, which was not something I wanted to do.

PostPosted: Jul 22nd, '03, 15:09
by bananafish
Thanks for the review Midge, it's always helpful to have two similar products compared so comprehensively.

I only own the Stealth wallet so I can't comment on the SUC, but as a peek device, I don't think it can be beaten.

Stealth Wallet

PostPosted: Jul 24th, '03, 10:44
by roman59
I have had the stealth wallet for about 5 months now, there has not been no adverse effect on my credit cards.
In my opinion the stealth & the mindspy both beat the suc hands down they look more like everyday wallets.
Bananafish were you at the dealer dem in Ipwich on monday night?
Drop me a mail you will recognise my address.
Cheers all
Mark P :)

PostPosted: Jul 24th, '03, 10:47
by support
Hi Folks

btw: The Stealth wallet is available at for £24.95

PostPosted: Jul 24th, '03, 11:10
by Mandrake
In the write up for this item there are a lot of references to magnetism - wouldn't this cause a few problems with the magnetic strip on real credit cards etc?

PS, I love the bit about it coming 'all the way from England' - it shows the UK still has some hot sales feature!

PostPosted: Jul 24th, '03, 11:11
by midge25
can i just ask does anyone have any problem with putting credit cards in the stealth wallet? at the moment i dont put the cards in all the time?

PostPosted: Jul 24th, '03, 11:45
by roman59
As I stated in my previous post I have been using it for 5 months, my credit cards are in it all the time & they work fine.
Peter Nardi would have not made it if it messed up your credit cards, he demmed it at my local magical society last monday night, the one he demmed he uses as a regular wallet all the time :shock: so I think that says it all.
Mark P

PostPosted: Jul 24th, '03, 12:33
by seige
The gimmick COULD theoretically cause damage to credit cards, but the forces involved would need to be greater than the device possesses.

In fact, the newer credit cards used a more sophisticated material than the old brown ferrite strip, which could be corrupted quite easily by strong magnets.

I have, for some time now, used a similar device with credit cards, but there's never been a problem.

To disturb the data held on the card, the card needs to move around in the magnetic field - but in the case of these gimmicks, the cards remain almost stationery for the best part of the time.

I'm no physicist (ask NickJ), but the only way to destroy the data on the cards is to 'wipe' magnets across them.

You're quite safe, I think.

Although, don't hold me to that!

PostPosted: Jul 24th, '03, 17:15
by midge25
thanks roman and seige for the advice i will now begin to use it as my regular wallet.

PostPosted: Jul 24th, '03, 18:33
by nickj
You don't want to ask me about that sort of thing! To put your minds at rest though, I drove to work a few weeks ago and got out of the car to find my wallet firmly stuck to the micro 5 I had on me and even that hasn't affected my card!

PostPosted: Sep 26th, '06, 17:19
by tracematt
can you still buy The sight unseen case 2 ?
if so, where?
all i want is a wallet to do the cash caberet routine from the stealth assassin dvd

PostPosted: Sep 26th, '06, 21:19
by the_mog
matt wainwright wrote:hi
can you still buy The sight unseen case 2 ?
if so, where?
all i want is a wallet to do the cash caberet routine from the stealth assassin dvd

cant you use the stealth assassin wallet?

PostPosted: Sep 26th, '06, 21:38
by tracematt
yes, but was thinking of selling it,
it is the routne i do most, and wondered if i could get a cheaper alternative?

PostPosted: Sep 19th, '07, 11:41
by RobMagic

Does anyone know where this can be picked up for less than £35 (incl del) (Stealth Wallet) I've googled and not having much luck.

Emagictricks doesn't have any in stock so that's not an option.


PostPosted: Sep 19th, '07, 14:26
by Tom Lauten
I have been using my Stealth as a regular wallet for over 6 months now and I have not noticed any adverse effects in terms of my cards.

Using it every day caertainly makes it look natural and to be honest I usually forget it is a "special" wallet. THAT alone will help sell any performance with it.