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Duality by Gary Jones

PostPosted: Jan 14th, '07, 22:19
by Martin Le Guerre

Duality by Gary Jones

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They say:
Once in a while I have the privilege to be the exclusive distributor of a great new effect! Wow! This is outstanding and has impressed many of the best working professional magicians in the business today!

Gary is one the countries Top Professional WORKING Magicians. He eats, breathes and lives magic 24 hours a day if he's not performing he is coming up with a dozen different ways to produce the same effect until he finds the very best and most effective way. Finally Gary has been persuaded to part with some of his best effects... I am proud to say Gary has been a close of mine for many years and has asked me to make and distribute them for him... The first of these is here...

After placing a deck of cards on the table the Magician asks a spectator to THINK of both a number between 1-52 and any one of the 52 playing cards in a deck but not say anything yet! Then in full view writes two predictions on the reverse of his business card, a number and a playing card… Only now does the spectator tell him what number and card they were thinking of and these are then written under the magicians predictions. Taking the deck of cards, the magician explains that on the backs of the cards are written the numbers 1-52 in a random order. He now searches through the faces of the cards and removes the spectator's thought of card, turning the deck over and searching through the backs, he then finds the card with the spectator's thought of number on it. On the reverse of the spectators thought of card is the number the magician predicted. And on the face of the card with the thought of number is the very playing card he predicted.

Only one deck is used - which is on view BEFORE the trick commences.
The Predictions are made BEFORE the spectator says anything!
No Sleights, no Forcing, no Rough & Smooth
And it instantly resets

This truly is the perfect working performers miracle! As you can guess I like this one! "M"

Price: £20

I Say:
Well you can't help but compare this to Trilogy(which is a very fine trick indeed) or rather Trilogy streamline available here Think of an even more streamlined version of Trilogy streamline and you've basically got the plot.
Unlike Trilogy which ideally needs three spectators, Duality is a one on one effect where the spec makes two choices, one of a number and one of a card. There is a bit missing from the advertising copy above that makes the effect possible but the presentational aspects that you need to consider are really not much different to Trilogy streamline. Because its a duality rather than trilogy effect the reset is easier and so Duality possibly has the edge if you wanted to use it for table hopping.

If you've already got Trilogy or Trilogy streamline you could well be disappointed if you get Duality as well as it is oh so similar. One thought I had was to perform Duality, ditch the deck in my case and then perform Trilogy, the original version, which could blow some minds. The cards and cases are compatible which would allow this!
You cannot repeat Duality twice for the same audience, same as with Trilogy, but there's nothing stopping you doing both and pretending its the same deck.

If you haven't got Trilogy or Trilogy streamline then none of the above will make much sense probably but I can recommend that you purchase Duality (or Trilogy for that matter) for the simple beauty of the effect. 8/10.


PostPosted: Jan 15th, '07, 07:36
by DrTodd
Martin: this sounds really nice. It sounds a bit like a John Bannon effect that has been around for a while. I really like Trilogy Streamline and have got a lot of miles out of it in my work. It is the final revelation that usually slays them. I can see how Duality will also be great!

PostPosted: Jan 15th, '07, 22:16
by russellmagic
this effect got a low scoring in magic seen magazine as it said some of the moves could look very unnatural :?

PostPosted: Jan 17th, '07, 00:35
by Martin Le Guerre
russellmagic wrote:this effect got a low scoring in magic seen magazine as it said some of the moves could look very unnatural :?

This comment doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

There simply aren't any 'moves' let alone any unnatural ones. You write your chosen number and card on your business card, then you write your spectators choices under yours. You then find the card with the spectators number on the back, turn the deck over and thumb through the faces to find the spectators chosen card. Table the two cards. Flip these two cards over and they match with your choices. Everything is done exactly as you would expect from this description. There just aren't any 'moves' to do!

PostPosted: Jan 17th, '07, 00:40
by russellmagic
:? maybe im thinking of something else :oops:

PostPosted: Jan 17th, '07, 00:42
by russellmagic
yep!! thinking of something else entirely :roll: