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Torn/Daniel Garcia

PostPosted: Jan 19th, '07, 22:37
by alanclimb

This review goes with the one for color fusion. Yes I like tricks that involve tearing cards up.
This is by Daniel Garcia. He seems to be flavour of the month at the moment in some circles, and with good reason. He has come up with some great tricks over the last few years.
In my opinion this is one of his best. It is a nice clean trick with no real gimmick and lovely handling. The basics of the trick involve tearing a signed card into 4 then restoring it to a whole card again. There are many similar effects like this about but I like this one because the moves are so nice, and when finished it is quite easy to end clean.
As I say there is no gimmick to make though a little prep is needed(can't explain further to avoid disclosure)
The restoration of the different parts of the card are very strong and very visual with a lot of impact. None of the handling is unatural and will stand up to close inspection.
The DVD is very slick and well made and Daniel has a nice sense of humour and presentation style. Everything is explained in detail and there are some nice live performances on the street.
I like this better than Color fusion, it's cleaner by a long way and you could go into this with about 1 minutes prep.
DVD= 9/10
teaching 9/10
effect = 9.5/10
I like this a lot. once you have the simple moves down it's almost fool proof.

PostPosted: Jan 20th, '07, 19:30
by gunnarkr
We all appreciate good intentions, but please use the Search function, because Torn was reviewed here by mark_c1975 in July 2005.

If you have further comments on a review, please add it to the current thread instead of creating a new one :)

PostPosted: Jan 20th, '07, 20:38
by alanclimb
Ah, right ,silly me. Sorry :oops: