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Tell tale Tarot - Black Hart Productions

PostPosted: Feb 5th, '07, 12:18
by Johnny Wizz

The Effect. A Major Arcana Tarot deck which is marked

Cost £28 from

Difficulty Not really applicable. To understand and read the markings probably 1 or 2 (depends on memory), to use the deck to perform effects probably 3 to 5 as it requires skill to sell mentalism effects

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

I have considered this carefully before doing this review. The Black Hart products I have seen reviewed in here have all received unanimous praise. I have some criticism to make of this product and I am afraid that I will upset some of Black Hartssupporters.

The product does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a Major Arcana deck of Tarot Cards subtly but clearly marked so that the user can identify all cards from the back. The marking system once learned is more or less fool proof and the only way I can see it would be open to misinterpretation would be in bad light. As it says in the ad it comes with a crib on the card box to double up the certainty of getting the reading right.

As such it can't be faulted. Where I do have a issue is with the price and the quality. I will take quality first. I had hoped to be able to use these cards to do readings as well as effects. I don't think they will stand up to much use though. They are printed on fairly flimsy card and don't as such stand up much better than the deck I bought from The Works for a few pounds.

I was also disappointed with the routines that came with it. I was expecting something a bit special I suppose and what I got was a couple of effects that I had already though of and dismissed as too simplistic. Add to this that one of them requires a DL which I believe will quickly deteriorate the cards and I don't think that the suggested routines are very special.

When you add up these weaknesses and put them beside the price, £28, I feel that the product is seriously over priced.

Overall Product 8/10 for the idea and execution
Quality 5/10
Value for money 2/10

To sum up, perhaps my expectations were just too high and at half the price I wouldn't have had any complaints. As it is I am disappointed and must nod an apology to Seige, it was a toss up between this and the Big Bertha set for my major purchase this month and I feel that the coin came down wrong for me

PostPosted: Feb 5th, '07, 17:22
by black hart
Hello Johnny

Thank you for your honest opinion regarding 'Tell Tale Tarot', we listen to all feedback. I would like to be able to sell these for less but they are very expensive to buy in, and then of course I add the crib and instructions. I don't know of another marked Tarot deck currently available.

I can't do anything about the quality or price but I can certainly work on the effects that are given in the instructions and increase the 'value' in that respect. I shall set my mind to this straightaway.

In the meantime please remember that we are the only magic dealer in the world (so I believe) to give a 90 day money back guarantee with all of our products.

Taken direct for our website:
Your guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Black Artefacts purchase, simply return it to us within 90 days and you will receive a FULL refund on the purchase price with no questions asked. We want you to be able to buy with confidence. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Please feel free to return the item to us and as good as our word we will refund your purchace price in full.

Oh yes, and if you have any suggestions for routines with this deck then we will be happy to hear from you.

Keith Hart

PostPosted: Feb 6th, '07, 14:52
by Johnny Wizz
Thank you Keith for a most gracious, prompt response. I appreciate your explanation.

PostPosted: Feb 13th, '07, 21:06
by FRK
I purchased this deck from another supplier and it was the same price without a routine..
So its just a expensive prop which I am still trying to fit into my routine.

PostPosted: Feb 14th, '07, 11:49
by Mandrake
I purchased this deck from another supplier

I thought Black Hart products were only available from Black Hart himself?

PostPosted: Feb 14th, '07, 12:23
by black hart
I thought Black Hart products were only available from Black Hart himself?

They are Mandrake. 'Telltale Tarot' is ONLY available from Black Artefacts. However the deck that is used is available from other dealers. It is a bit like buying a set of Bicycle Poker cards which have been gaffed for a particular effect. Yes, you can buy the cards elsewhere but NOT with the effect.

As FRK has pointed out the deck on its own is available but without the crib which I have added to the box and without the routines. I am able to charge the same price (including P&P) becuase I can buy them at wholesale price - however they are NOT cheap and I have to buy in bulk to get the discount.

Talking of the routines, if you are doing psychic work then 'Telltale Tarot' is a very powerfull tool. I have now added a substantial new routine called 'Meet The Reaper' to the 'Telltale Tarot' package. This is not available as a separate item.

As I said we listen to customers comments and we appreciate all feedback. Any business that ignores its customers is doomed in the long run. We also offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all our products so you can buy with confidence.

If you email me FRK, I will send you a copy of the new 'Telltale Tarot' routine along with the item needed to add the crib to the card box - then you can get full use form the deck you purchased. :D

Keith Hart

PostPosted: Feb 14th, '07, 12:55
i use it in a reading, using my own spread (though its hardly a unique one), but if you sense that someone is on a downer, you can always say

"ah, now if the next card turns out to be (glimpse the marking - and name the next card) then that indicates some good luck and a more settled emotional state for's a rare occurance actually that this combination appears too..."

they're very useful cards in that respect...

PostPosted: Feb 14th, '07, 15:04
by Johnny Wizz
I feel now that I was at best harsh with some of my review. Especially as I got such a positive reaction from Keith.

I will by the way not be returning the deck because it does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it very well. Once you know the reading method you can pretty well guess the card without the crib. You would think that this would make it leap out but it is so clever it does nothing of the sort.

The new routine which came through to me yesterday is excellent, I am sure that it will freak some people out.

So, on longer reflection and with a bit of use I would amend my initial judgment and give this 7/10 for value and 7/10 on quality.

I will be going back to Black Hart for more effects.

PostPosted: Feb 14th, '07, 16:44
by black hart
I feel now that I was at best harsh with some of my review.

Not at all Johhny - you said what you thought - and you gave me the chance to make you a happy customer.


Keith Hart

PostPosted: Feb 15th, '07, 00:12
by Part-Timer
FRK wrote:I purchased this deck from another supplier and it was the same price without a routine..
So its just a expensive prop which I am still trying to fit into my routine.

Me too. Then I discovered that Black Hart was selling the same item, but with some routines. :roll:

I'd like to say that it's extremely refreshing to see Keith be so very helpful. Sometimes people seem to get extremely defensive over items they sell, even when they aren't the ones who produce them.

It's nothing new from Black Hart, who seem to offer about the best after-sales policy of any magic supplier I know, but still worth highlighting.

PostPosted: Mar 19th, '07, 16:51
by elamont
Customer service means the world to me. I think it's great for a company to stand behind their products. But to get defensive? Now, that's a bit too much. :?
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PostPosted: Mar 19th, '07, 18:13
by Lord Freddie
I have to commend Keith on his policy and service too. I have only bought one item, which I have to say, was well-made and I was very pleased with.
I will certainly, when I have the cash!, purchase more Black Hart items as, going by my experience, the effects are unique and look great.

PostPosted: Mar 19th, '07, 18:15
...i would recommend that you find yourself a nice old box to keep them all then have yourself an instant carry-round case...a kind of victorian cabinet of curiousities if you catch my drift...

and if you do...well, black hart even sell the aging spray and those new wierd smells to "decorate" your casket with...

PostPosted: Mar 19th, '07, 18:29
by Lord Freddie
They have the market cornered! :D

PostPosted: Mar 19th, '07, 22:04
by Part-Timer
elamont wrote:I think it's great for a company to stand behind their products. But to get defensive? Now, that's a bit too much. :?

Oh yes. Person X posts a review saying he didn't like effect Y very much and shop owner Z comes on (often, 'as if by magic') and says how person X is wrong, or must be doing it wrong, because magicians A, B and C all loved it and so on.

Sometimes, it's because X has a grudge or is doing it wrong, but on other occasions, X has a perfectly reasonable opinion and Z is just trying to avoid lost sales.

Keith is always incredibly helpful and really does seem to welcome feedback. Yes, it should be the same for all companies, but it isn't. That's why I go back to the good ones I've bought from in the past.