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Flash paper High quality

PostPosted: Feb 12th, '07, 16:23
by Markdini

Sometimes it not enough to produce a coin, sometimes you need to do it with a flash. And that is certainly what I will be doing from now on.

The Effect

High quality fast and clean burning flash paper , flash pads , flash wool and flash string.
That is a lot of flash


All from ... h-products

Sheets £5.50
Pads £4.00
String £6.00
Cotton £3.00

1. If you can set fire to a bit of paper then you are in business.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)


So what have I got? A bit of string , some paper and some wool. Seems like that don’t it actually what I have is :

5 sheets of A4 flash paper green and 5 sheets orange
3 x flash pads 1 white , 1 blue and 1 orange 20 sheets each
A big clump of wool
And a length of flash string

Flash stuff no matter what adds an interesting dynamic to your performance people love a bit of fire. The thing with “normal” flash paper I don’t know all the other brands but the stuff I have bought in the past was by Pyro Wizard and it didn’t feel right well it didn’t feel like paper. Like when you see Sankey “get a piece of tissue” and you cant really hand that out it feels suspicious.

This stuff is different it’s a solid colour for the first thing, use full for a lot of transformations. Use your imagination. And it feels like paper not printer paper you understand more sugar paper or construction paper. But it is not as thick.

Now here is the important bit the burn. Yes its lovely to have and to hold but flash papers main purpose in life is to burn , and burn it dose you get a bright flash (of course it be a bit useless if it just went like a piece of flaming paper) bit like a parachute flare ok maybe not that bright but its bright. And a very satisfying “Whoosh” noise. And it burns quick and its gone. Now for you out there who hasn’t used flash paper before and are worried about being burnt the speed of the burn is important. It burns so quick you feel “heat” not actually a burn that’s the idea of it you can burn it whilst holding it and you will feel the heat but wont end up in A & E (Disclaimer this is my findings you may find I could be wrong so don’t take my word verbatim on this) well I have not hurt my self. I was worried about it but its all ok now, I suppose the feeling is like if you snuff a candle flame out or a flame on a lighter with your fingers it’s a touch warm but wont actually burn you. I don’t know how it works but I don’t question it either. I have heard and read about flash paper leaving behind a residue or ash well this stuff burns really clean no evidence is left behind. Having said its safe the bag comes with a lovely disclaimer and the stuff is supplied wet here is that warning :

“DANGER, EXTREMLEY FLAMMABLE MATERIAL FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. USE WITH EXTREME CARE” and there is a bit more about store in a wet state and it comes to you a touch soggy just so it don’t set fire to the post van apparently it’s a legal thing that it has to be supplied wet. And I don’t think the post office like there vans on fire for some reason. The wool and string is supplied like this to. The pads are the same quality as the sheets, you get 20 sheets of paper in the pad which is the normal size of most flash pads. And the sheets come in packs of 4 A4 size sheets.

Flash string. Think of it has a fuse and this burns quick I mean quick. It looks like string and almost feels like string. Except you can feel it has been treated, you get the same bright flash as the paper and the quick burn, its almost the same as the paper except in string form. And you get the same “heat” feeling as the paper.

Flash cotton, its like cotton wool! Except a pyromaniacs dream this is primary used in flash guns and the like and burns like the paper and the string with the same satisfying sound. I think I covered most of the stuff relevant in either the paper or string review.


Have I got money to burn? I hear you ask sounds expensive if you are going buy something just to set fire to. I would agree before I got this, or before you read my review hint hint but it dose add a lot of new ideas and visuals to your magic especially if you are working and want to hit the tables hard and fast. What is a better attention grabber then fire? Thought so. Having said its safe this is FIRE we are talking about so please be careful for your own and spectators safety bit of common sense and you be fine with this. Respect it and this stuff will serve you well. I use to have a fear of flash stuff. I really did I would let it burn soon as it got near my fingers I would let the stuff go in an flapping my hand about motion. Well me and Seige and a conversation on this and he said “it doesn’t hurt” and I agree my fear of flash paper has now gone. It takes a bit practice to hold on to but once you are there its really worth it.

Clean burning
Fast burning
Great texture
Looks like paper
Can be written on

I understand why they call this stuff the premium flash paper now and it is. Hunt around there are applications for this every where I hope you at least buy one of the pads and use it some how. So here is my glowing review (pun intended) it may not be for all you card addicts out there and what not but us people who like a little bit of razzle dazzle its right up your street.

10/10 if you can give something you set fire to a rating.

And one last thing me and Seige learnt a valuable lesson you cant send the middle of Christmas crackers amongst other things through the post![/b]

PostPosted: Feb 12th, '07, 17:38
by Farlsborough
Really need to get some flash paper... I've been sulking about the decline of Penguin Magic and their £2.67 pads, and even considered getting my friends at the chemistry department to try and knock some up for me, but I'm just going to have to accept defeat and pay up.

Incidently, according to my crude maths the pads are the better deal when it comes to the paper, being approx. 3.3p per square inch compared to 5.6p per square inch of the sheets, working on the basis that most flash pads seem to be 2x3 inches. Hey, I'm a student... :roll:

PostPosted: Feb 12th, '07, 17:41
by Markdini
My dear soon to be doctor

I would go with these rather then the penguin ones this stuff is like real paper. And bravo to your student mind!

PostPosted: Feb 12th, '07, 18:21
by lindz
I was looking at these last night and wondering whether to order any but in the end i gave in to temptation as im going down to alakazam tommorow anyway. So thought i might as well get some down there but i think maybe next week or the week after i might have to order some. I have a little tip for anyone who uses it aswell {but remember try this at your own risk} i used to light it and sort of throw it so i didnt get burned i think markdini was saying the same thing but now what i do is wet my thumb and finger a little with a little saliva and it dont burn your hands if you hold on to it Remember thoe this is just a tip and flash products are very dangerous so use with care.

PostPosted: Feb 13th, '07, 07:25
by rvoice100
cheers for the review, one thing i dont get though is why do they have different colour paper? does it change the flame colour?

PostPosted: Feb 13th, '07, 08:23
by seige
The flash PAPER is different colours. It burns like regular flash paper.

This means that instead of showing 'tissue' paper, you can apparently:

    Light silks (think about it)
    use in colour predictions
    be more colourful!

PostPosted: Feb 13th, '07, 13:52
by Lownatic
Just been to the website and the product title says "5 Sheets" and the blurb under says contains 4 sheets ?????

PostPosted: Feb 13th, '07, 14:14
by seige
Well spotted :O

That will teach me to cut'n'paste!

Thanks for that

PostPosted: Feb 13th, '07, 15:35
by Max Gordon
With all due respect to the potential "flashers" out there. The rule Less is More definately holds true here.

Just because we can produce a flash evertime something appears or disappears. doesn't mean we should.

Used sparingly it provides impact and drama, used too often and it just becomes the norm!

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '07, 03:40
by CumQuaT
Do you know if products such as this ever have issues getting through customs? Flammable materials these days are a touchy issue... I live in Australia and things such as fireworks over here are illegal to purchase or own :(

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '07, 04:28
by sleightlycrazy
I saw a PDF available for 50 dollars that have instructions on making flash paper. Do you think it's worth it?

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '07, 07:04
by CumQuaT
I've learned not to trust alot of PDFs I find, as they tend to just give information that can freely be found with a bit of searching. A really good place to get answers to alot of questions for free is Yahoo Answers. (

Hope this helps you!

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '07, 09:22
by Max Gordon
CumQuaT wrote:Do you know if products such as this ever have issues getting through customs? Flammable materials these days are a touchy issue... I live in Australia and things such as fireworks over here are illegal to purchase or own :(

Le Maitre are one of the worlds largest producers of pyrotechnics predominately to the theatre and rock concert market. Check out their site for a local distibuter and you can order all the ususal flash products from them. They only sell through distributers so don't waste your time trying to buy direct.

PostPosted: Feb 23rd, '07, 15:54
by Lownatic
"Tar" Please be careful making flash paper is not easy and involves the use of concentrated acids. I have aPhD in chemistry and still prefer to buy.

PostPosted: Mar 1st, '07, 22:32
by TargetZero
Markdini and lindz both stated that they hold on to the flash paper throughout the complete burn.

I have flash £5 notes that I haven't used before and bottled out holding it when the flame came close to my fingers and threw it in the air.

Do different flash papers burn in a similar way and has anyone held on to the £5 throughout the burn and come out of it unscathed?!

By the way, three different flash products have recently been released - Hot Cheques, Eruption and Reveal - has anyone used them yet?