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Mikame Appearing Table

PostPosted: Feb 15th, '07, 23:33
by flash_da_magic_man

Mikame Appearing Table £116.25

I really had high hopes for this table and I'm really disappointed.
I've been experimenting with it since Christmas (2 months) and It rarely snaps together correctly when you do the production.
I had planned on using this for my chop cup routine but because it is not a sturdy enough surface you have problems dis-lodging the ball and this results in you having to really slam the cup down which makes an unpleasant noise and tips the trick, even with some padding added it still requires some force to dis-lodge the ball.
The main reason I'm so disappointed with this table is because I previously owned a flash production table which snapped together perfectly everytime but the table surface was wobbly which created a problem of the ball rolling off the table when performing my chop cup.
I had high hopes for the mikame table because it was advertised as "hand made" and "finest quality" etc but I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.
I will probably be selling mine.

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '07, 10:16
by Mandrake
Sorry to hear of the problems - have you passed all this information back to the supplier?

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '07, 18:56
by flash_da_magic_man
It was purchased from emagictricks and I've posted the same thing as a review on their site but they havent put it up yet so they must view them all before posting them.

I doubt they will actually put it up as there are no other reviews for it on that site.

I'm just so annoyed because my girlfriend bought me it for christmas and it's not a small amount of money to spend on a present and it was obvious from the first time I used it it was going to have problems snapping together.

PostPosted: Feb 18th, '07, 16:08
by bronz
Sorry, what's the exact effect?

PostPosted: Feb 18th, '07, 16:15
by flash_da_magic_man
Sorry I didnt think to explain exactly what it was as I assumed most people would realise what it was.

You can view a video of it by following this link...

and heres the link to the site I got it from which includes the full description... ... ts_id=3687

PostPosted: Feb 18th, '07, 23:16
by Mandrake
Rather than post a review on emagictricks, why not just e-mail or phone them and detail the problems to give them chance to rectify the situation?