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Red Backed Bicycle Cards - Masters Edition (

PostPosted: Mar 21st, '07, 18:36
by Magical_Trevor

Hey Guys,
This is my first EVER review on a magic trick item (In this case a deck of deck of cards) so please comment nicely on it, and tell me if the review is a) any good, b) similar to your personal views and c) whether you would like me do some more reviews in the future.

The Effect

There are THOUSANDS of card tricks which can be perfromed with this deck, from simple tricks (such as 'pick a card, any card' tricks) to more complex tricks involving false shuffles, slieghts and flourishes.

The main effect that this deck can be used for / in conjuction with is any card street magic / card mental trick.
The barcode of the box (my RED ellusionist Masters deck) is as follows:
2 07 5P4D3S (2 OF SPADES)
Thus, as long as you can force a card and improvise some convincing patter, you can convince people that the deck 'knew the card they would pick' etc
(as i said, there are AMNY other ways to do this, but a simple card force and patter is the way I utilise this barcode feature)


Being from the UK, I order mainly from, which charge $3.99 (around 2.50 GBP) however, a discount is available if you but 3 decks (around $9 for the set of 3) or you can even buy a set of 12 decks and save 15% each deck.


The range of card tricks varies so much that I cannot put a rating on the deck itself, it simply depends on what tricks you are trying to perform.

I do feel though that I can say this; The cards handle EXCELENTLY, so I feel I can say that even tricks which may require slieghts and flourishes will feel easier due to the high quality of these cards


I found these cards were of MUCH HIGHER quality than a standard deck of bicycle cards, the box is slightly larger than a 'normal' box, and the graphics look professional and different, but not different enough to arouse any suspicion in the cards.
The quality of the cards (utilising the UV-500 air flow) on the cards means that fans look perfect, even after playing around with these cards for a few weeks now, they still perform like new. The gaff cards and the barcode gaff on the box can be used in many simple tricks, which all create MAXIMUM impact when doing street magic or any close up tricks.


Overall, the Bicycle Masters Deck from are some of the finest cards I have ever used, (I got the RED backed deck), but they also come in BLUE backed, with a blue coloured ace of spades.
Just like ellusionist says, I will not ever buy a standard deck of cards to use out on the streets or in private magic shows, these are just too good to put down. A real pleasure to work with :)

Thank you

PostPosted: Mar 21st, '07, 20:01
by dat8962
A lthough it's a nice and well written review I suspect that you'll get many votes stating that the review wasn't helpfull.

The reason why - well Masters have been out for a while so just about everyone here will have had a deck and already made their minds up. Masters have also been extensively reviewed elsewhere.

Anyway, don't let that put you off writing more reviews - just consider whether it's worth adding a vote or not.

PostPosted: Mar 23rd, '07, 20:29
by Kobra
If you are from the uk and wanting ellusionist branded cards like ghosts etc I would recommend
Saves you on postage

PostPosted: Mar 30th, '07, 13:08
by TheLondonI do very cheap Black Tiger and Tally Ho-Vipers