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COMPUT'A CARD by Jack Jansen

PostPosted: Mar 31st, '07, 15:02
by dat8962

This is somewhat of an exclusive review as this effect has only just gone on sale in the past couple of days so remember that you read it here on TM first! :lol:

The Effect

Two decks of Bicycle cards are used, one red and one blue. The red deck is taken out of its case and spread face up on the table to show 52 different cards. The blue deck is put to one side for the time being.

The red deck is turned face down and is shuffled by the spectator who then cuts the deck. The spectator remembers the card cut to and places it face down on the table, covered by their hand.

You now show a small Comput’a Card which is laid on top of the blue deck which is still in its case. The magician asks the spectator for the value of the cut to card, you then press a few buttons on the Comput’a Card before pressing the send button. You then take out the blue deck from its case and count down the same number of cards as the value of the card given so as an example, if the spectator said eight, you count down to the eighth card. Ask the spectator to turn over their card and then you turn over the eighth card and it matches in both number and suit.

Please note the following points:

The deck is shuffled by the spectator.
The card is not forced and is different every time.
You never ask or ‘pump’ for the suit of the cut to card.
The value of the card is counted from the top every time you do it. There is no variation in the process.
You can carry on using the deck for other card effects.
Both decks use the full complement of 52 cards. There are no duplicate cards.


£15 exclusively from Make Danata –

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1 – almost self working


I’m usually turned off a little by two deck effects but this was a little different as it involves a deck that can be handled by the spectator and it’s not the same outcome with every performance. There’s nothing too difficult at all to learn and 30 minutes should see you performing this with confidence.

I was actually surprised by the principle which is cunningly simple in two ways. The apparently fair force of a particular selection of cards within the red deck, and the set up of the blue deck are what make this effect and I’ll say straight off that I love the cleverness of this.

To start, rather than hand the spec the red deck I suggest using magician’s choice to make the selection appear fair. A few false shuffles by the magician and the cards can indeed be spread face up and do appear well and truly mixed and the only requirement now, is that the deck then needs to be riffle shuffled by the spec as an overhand shuffle is not suitable for this clever force. The riffle ensures that only a particular range of cards can be cut to by the spec and I will boldly say that this technique will fool many magicians! The spec cuts the deck and the cut to card is remembered and tabled face down. So far, everything happens exactly as stated.

This is the part of the effect that I don’t like. The Comput’a Card is a printed and laminated image of a computer keyboard onto a piece of card that is the size of a poker playing card. The patter is simple enough and will suit most people but looking at it from a working magicians perspective it’s a little weak in my opinion. More later.........

The blue deck is very cleverly set up and as claimed, a different card WILL be revealed each time the trick is performed. The duplicate number and suit of the cut to card WILL be the precise distance from the top of the deck when the value is counted, and there are NO duplicates used. This deck of course cannot be handled by the spec but everything will look very natural. Very sweet indeed!


9 out of 10 – because of the patter!

This is a very clever and somewhat devious technique that makes this trick well worth the price for the secret alone. If you’re creative then you will find numerous ways of using these decks and what you will learn from the technique.

Despite the Comput’a Card issue, this is definitely NOT a show stopper; just use some different patter before revealing the selected card from the top of the blue deck and you’ve got what I think is an incredibly strong effect in the right hands. If you’re a mentalist then you could have lots of fun with this effect after reworking the patter.

The principle used and its cleverness make this is one of the best two deck revelations that I’ve seen for a long time. This is a right little gem!

PostPosted: Mar 31st, '07, 17:36
by moonbeam
I know you've said that there are no duplicate cards used, but this trick could be done by simply having four duplicate cards of each number. For example, remove all the aces and use four ace of hearts, remove all the 2's and use four 2 of clubs .... etc.
Briefly spread the deck and hope that no-one spots the duplicate cards lol :? .
Invite the spec to shuffle and either cut to a card or remove one.
The other deck is set up with ace of hearts on top, two of clubs second from top, etc. Because there is now only one suit of each number, the specs card will be the corresponding number down.

Dunno how your version works though :roll:

So if the spec's card is, say eight of clubs, for example, the eight of clubs will be 8 cards down yea :?: Hmm ... and if they pick the eight of hearts, that will be eight cards down too :?:

Hmm .... :?

PostPosted: Mar 31st, '07, 21:27
by danata
Hi! this is Mike from Mike Danata's Magic Studio in Bournemouth.

Not only are there no duplicates in either pack. After you have finished the trick, You can then carry on with other effects using the cards!

The cards will be just a normal deck!

David did give away a little, as to the method in his review, but allow me to point out that the ACTUAL card is NOT FORCED, & indeed will be a different card EVERYTIME, & yet it's value when counted down from the top of the other pack will always be a duplicate of the chosen card!

Also the pack that you count down to the value, has BEEN ON THE TABLE right from the start!

BOTH packs only contain 52 cards, & you never ask or "Pump" for the suit of the card! Also you always count down from the TOP of the second pack, with NO VARIATION!

We have the sole rights to this effect from it's creator Jack Jansen, who lives in Spain.

"Gone But Not Forgotten" is another of his effects, which you can see a video clip of in the EXCLUSIVES section of my website.


PostPosted: Apr 2nd, '07, 23:46
by dat8962
With respect Moonbeam, I think that you're missing the point. I agree that this effect could be done with duplicates but as with most card effects that use duplicates, double backers etc; the handling then changes for the worse and often such effects don't look fair.

Briefly spread the deck and hope that no-one spots the duplicate cards lol

I think that says it all :lol: You can spread these and the specs will see 52 different cards.

So if the spec's card is, say eight of clubs, for example, the eight of clubs will be 8 cards down yea Hmm ... and if they pick the eight of hearts, that will be eight cards down too