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The B.I.P Book

PostPosted: Sep 2nd, '03, 11:02
by roman59


Supplier Alakazam Available Now Price £19.99

Dealer Product Description:

Have you ever wanted a book test small and compact enough to fit in your pocket, yet devious enough that can be worked hands off?

Well, the time has come with B.I.P.

This is one effect you will carry with you at all times!
Imagine handing out a small official looking book from the British Institute of Parapsychology.

You freely show each page to contain a word, two shapes of different colours (one inside the other) and a random number between 10-999.

1.The book is handed to one spectator who opens it to any page and looks at a number. He now adds the digits together in his mind and turns to the front page of the book where there is a list of countries. He is asked to remember the country that lands on his number and in fact if he knows the capital city or even a monument in that city to think of these as well!

2.Spectator number two is requested to open the book at any page and look at the word. He now turns to the back of the book and remembers an object that is associated with the chosen word.

3.Spectator number three opens the book and remembers the 2 shapes.
Remembering both the shapes and the colours.

4.Your final spectator opens the book and remembers a 2 or 3 digit number.

Now without touching or taking the book back you can name all four items! This is absolutely incredible and can be performed on 1-4 spectators yet is small enough to fit in your pocket!

This custom made book will instantly become part of your working repertoire, ideal for walk-a-round, table hopping or parlour and will even play for stage!

Easy to learn, in fact you will be performing this almost as soon as you open the package.

No peeks, sleights or memory work required, you can even be standing at the other side of the room when the choices are made and at no time during performance do you every need to touch the book !

There is no impact stronger than reading your spectator's mind and with B.I.P you can do this with ease!

Early in July this was demmed at my local magic society to four seasoned magicians all I can say they were all fooled badly, I had to pre-order it that night, the only downside was that I had to wait until yesterday to receive one!

After opening the package & going through the instructions within 20 minutes I had the routines/book down to a tee.

This item is a real gem, how many book tests can you carry around in your top pocket? (the b.i.p measures 2x3 inches).
This is a book test at a fraction of the price of other book tests available at present.

The B.I.P book is freely handled by the spectator, all of the pages are different, nothing is repeated on any of the pages, it can be thoroughly examined & inspected by all but the secret will not be found.

The performer does not need to handle the B.I.P book to get the desired result, it can be performed with the mentalist across the other side of the room, there are no peeks involved at all just a very very clever method.

Due to the size & neatness of the B.I.P book it can be performed in any situation, I perform a lot of table hopping which it is perfect for however if you are a stage/parlour performer it is perfect for that.

Also hidden within the pages are 2 more bonus routines not mentioned in the dealer description, a hint to these are given in the instructions but you have to find these for yourself.

The B.I.P book looks like something that H.M.S.O would have printed giving it an authentic look.

To summarise would I buy it again, yes this baby is going to be used in my act over & over again someone will want to take it home with them, another winner from Alakazam at a great price this a real reputation maker.

The method is soooooooo simple leaving the performer to concentrate on his/her presentation to the full, why run when you can walk.

Only one complaint though it would have been good to have had a wallet/case to keep it in when not in use, looks like a trip to the local stationary store is in order, but that’s a small price to pay for this little beauty

Buy it you will not be dissapointed

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Now available at ... ts_id=4782 for £20 INCLUDING postage

PostPosted: Sep 3rd, '03, 08:43
by midge25
sounds good

but can you do it to different people in the same group a few times or in a resturant, what i mean is, is the answer different for eveyone, each time?

B.I.P Book

PostPosted: Sep 3rd, '03, 10:39
by roman59

You will not be disappointed when this arrives tomorrow, it really is a killer, you will pick the method up in under 30 minutes.

Bananafish saw this demmed the same night I did, its another essential purchase for him too (spoke to him about it last night yet again)

Midge It can be performed one on one or to an entire audience if you wish!


PostPosted: Sep 3rd, '03, 11:46
by midge25
thanks yankeetom

yes what a meant was will it be the same number and city etc every time? or do they change.

if you can answer whihout giving anything away

B.I.P Book

PostPosted: Sep 3rd, '03, 12:03
by roman59
Hi All


Hope this helps?

<<Mark - sorry - had to edit this. A bit too revealing - the manufacturer's would have a field day with this forum for the info you gave!!!>>
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PostPosted: Sep 3rd, '03, 12:28
by seige
Just to clarify:

1: I personally would not recommend that this effect is repeated to the same bunch - but then again, I very rarely repeat effects anyway - even if put under duress!

2: There's a quite a small 'margin' with this effect - i.e. there's not an entirely huge or random set of outcomes

3: It actually is as good as the description states (although it's not what I'd call a true book test as such). And for the money, it's a killer - when used in moderation.

PostPosted: Sep 4th, '03, 14:45
by seige
Yeah, know what you mean about '2nd-time-round' spectators.

The situation usually is, that if someone asks for the effect to be done again, they're usually burning you or waiting for 'the secret' to appear.

Generally, passive 2nd-timers will just hang around to enjoy the effect - but I think, personally, there's a lot more 'magic' in the performance if they're left guessing...

This effect really IS NOT repeatable. In my very short experience with it, I'd recommend that you use it near the finale - because it's pretty breathtaking.

PostPosted: Sep 5th, '03, 19:51
by bananafish
The best thing about this is that it never need be handled by the magician. Once handed out, the entire routine is fdone with it in the spectators hands.

Whether is is a true book test or not I don't think really matters - as it is a great trick - it would go down very well with other mentalist effects - or if you are doing anything with ESP cards. There is very little to remember and you can get 4 spectators involved at once.

I would certainly recommend it very highly.

PostPosted: Sep 6th, '03, 02:03
by seige
I used the BIP book tonight, in fact. Went down a storm. Only one 'small' error - which involved the word association part, but that was more down to the person who chose the word being a bit 'thick', for want of a better word.

I still believe this to be a strong effect - although I get a far better reaction from using the Silver Bullet... which allows a REAL book test to take place...

That said, the BIP book is still a favourite - especially, as mentioned by all above - when used in a multi-spectator situation.

Mine's getting a bit dog-eared, though... which worries me a bit!

PostPosted: Sep 8th, '03, 10:59
by seige
The main problem seems to be with the outer cover - which soaks up just about anything from peanut oil to bogies when handed around.

I may try an experiment from my 'analogue' art years, which was to dose paper/card in Fixing Spray to sort of water-proof it. If it works, then you'll be glad to know that Fixing Spray is basically posh Hairspray - used to seal charcoal, chalk, watercolour, pencil etc.