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Any Richard Sanders

PostPosted: Apr 4th, '07, 10:28

From: ... -2178.html

Skill level: 1 - nothing really, it does it all for you...

With ANY RING, you can vanish any sized ring, from a thin Engagement Ring to the thickest Signet Band.

The problem with most ring vanishing handkerchiefs is that you can only vanish a specific ring size. This is awkward for the practical performer as you have to search for someone with the correct ring. If you can’t find the correct ring then you have to skip the trick. Any Ring is the solution!

The borrowed ring can be made to appear anywhere you want. This is the ultimate accessory item. Bonus routine included!

I say:
Well, when i opened this, i screamed at the sky in anger, immediately repackaged it and dumped it...after a cooling shower and a cup of green tea, i re-opened it, and tried it out properly...

and more fool me for not giving it the respect it deserved in the first place...its a very cheeky and smart little item in reality...some great lateral thinking has been involved in this...

you get a smallish black hankie...and its this cheeky hankie that does the dirty work for magnets, no pouches, no threads, no reels, no secret third hand that pops out of it...its simple...

and simplicity does "rule" as you youngsters these days say...any ring, placed in the hand and covered by the hankie..they feel the ring, they hold the ring...the ring....vanishes!

only for it to re-appear in whatever fashion you so please...

I also say...
well, that was the good, the bad? well, in my opinion, the effects included arent anything major, but you're not really paying for the routines are you...i mean, well, you've got a brain haven't you...go off and have a jolly good think young man about what you've done...

something i though would work nicely with this, if you're a fan of jermay's stuff, there's an effect of his in Skullduggery that you could easily apply to this...wont say anymore...

and finally...

its a thin, black, plain, cotton "Mystical" prints on it, no moons or stars...thankfully...but, i was also thinking of why would i have a hankie...who carries a hankie these days? why is it clean?

so, i thought - rather than produce it in a shower of phlegm, why not have it wrapped round your cards when you first start...have it out at the beginning, paying no attention to it...its just a hankie afterall...

I'd give it a very nice 4/5, or 83% or there abouts...£12 aint bad considering what you can achieve with a bit of brain power...

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 15:31
by I.D
I have this on order and should be here tomorrow.

Mainly because it will be useful for 2 of the routines in interlace. Richard shows us what the Any Ring Hanky is, so while I dont have it till tomorrow, I know..

Its exactly what I thought it would be actually.. well apart from the part that makes it an ANY ring vanish hanky. And not havng had any ring hankecheif before, I expected it to be small, but its at least 15" I magine.. though thats a guess.

Plain black, cotton.. its nice. Any it does all the work for you, no fussing around.

If you do buy interlace I suggest you get this, and vice cersa

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 15:34
nah i kinda stay clear of all those fancy new effects to be honest...they're just not me...i dont own any coins thru cans, labels, or any shoelace related dohickies either...

they just dont appeal to me for some reason...

i do like any ring hanky though, but i have noticed now ive used it in the field so to speak, its not quite "any" do have to be a tiny bit careful with'll feel what i mean when you get it...

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 15:51
by Wills
Let me know how them two items work for you ID would ya?

I've been having a look at these two items to see how they would interact. I was also looking at some of Jay Sankey's work with rings. I was thinking that a mini routine could be worked using these works. It could work well with a borrowed ring from a spec.

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 16:19
by I.D

wrap their ring up in a hanky and have them hold onto it through the hanky.. wave a lighter underneath, and when they let go their ring is vanished..!!

It is now tied to your shoelace!!

Thats how they combine.. they feel their ring up to the last second and in a millisecond it vanishes and is on your shoelace!! Can you imagine the reactions??

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 16:25
by Wills

I'd say pretty good, I was thinking about padding them out a bit more tho with some of Jay Sankey's stuff in between. But your suggestion seems like a brilliant closer.

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 16:33
by I.D
yeh interlace is definately a closer.

Id say Interlace and Devin Knights paint surprise will be my main two closers.

Abraxus.. Im not really ''into'' gimmicks, but I think as a closer Interlace its just remarkable. I might even vanish a ring at the start of my routine, forget about it and reveal it at the end of my set. Too many possibilities.

I think of things like this more as props.. not mere gimmicks. As long as there is plenty of sleight of hand in a set, at least 90%, then I feel I have done myself proud, gimmicks are just there to detract from the '' oh, its just sleight of hand '' comments

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 16:36
you dont have to defend yourself!

i was just expressing my own certainly not (how do the youngsters say it?) "dissing" interlaced, just i know it's not for me...

besides, i wear loafers...

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 16:55
by I.D
Oh I know.. Im just saying that I myself certainly prefer sleight of hand over a lot of the gimmicks on the market.

Interlace appeals to me though as theres so much more that you can do with it.. the routines are superb... not everyones taste though your right.. it has to suit your style.. its a very very commercial effect.

PostPosted: May 11th, '07, 00:42
by Mahoney
I got this and my verdict is, meh it's alright.

Its what I thought it would be, not that that's a bad thing or anythign, I was just hoping that it would be a bit more developed I guess. Upon fiddling wiht it I instantly came up with other ideas using a similar concpet that would have made it better. It looks good, I only have one issue with it which is that... well i can't really say but somehting just seems very obvious to me. I have used it and it's worked very well. My problem is really me just being fussy I guess...

PostPosted: May 12th, '07, 14:49
by I.D
I find that with a lot of things I receive. I always look from a magicians POV and thats something we naturally do and always will.

But Laypeople as we all know, while not unintelligent, see things very differently.. and some of the simplest concepts ( to us ) go straight over their head.

It is generally, as you say, us being picky, or for want of a better word, perfectionists that drives us to criticise props for being 'too obvious'. But as long as it does its job and appears inconspicous to the layperson, thats we need to hope for, I guess.

PostPosted: May 14th, '07, 13:43
by I.D
Received this today..

it a smart little hanky.. very very simple, but simple wins in magic.

packs very small, plays big... with a bit of thought.. theres a lot that can be done with this cheeky little item.

Abraxus, I know what you mean when in reality, you can't vanish ANY ring.. oh well, will have to make do.

solid 8/10 for me.

PostPosted: Jul 2nd, '07, 10:39
by lozey
Iv just ordered this specifically to use with Interlace

PostPosted: Jul 4th, '07, 08:08
by Sublime Divine
What would this be like used as a standalone rather than incorparated into an Interlace routine?

PostPosted: Jul 4th, '07, 12:29
by dat8962
Personally, I use the Devils Pocket square from here:

Top quality hand made items in silk and a great service too. It can be used for so many other vanishes. I also bought the No Ring Hank which is also a good product but I've settled on the DPS as my prefered choice.

No better time to order with the current exchange rates.