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The Ultimate Marked Deck

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '07, 15:05
by B0bbY_CaT

The Ultimate Marked Deck

available from numerous suppliers including: ... rials.html

Cost: US$24 - $30

They Say:

This is the marked deck you have been waiting for!

Identify any card without seeing its face.
Read the identifiers of the cards directly without having to mark the card yourself.
Yes, No codes, No symbol to interpret, No marking system to learn.
Use genuine "Rider Back 808-R" Bicycle Cards without having to mark the cards yourself.
Hand out the deck without fear of detection.
Instant location and direct reading of the marks.

My Thoughts:

Too expensive for a deck of cards... I guess one could argue, this ain't just a "deck of cards". designed in France, manufactured by the USPCC, available in standard Bicycle backs both red and blue. Standard weight card, standard finish, typical packaging for Bikes.

The Gimmick is MAGNIFICENT! clearly visible during fans and spreads with ease. Literally NO "system" to remember. both the value and the suit clearly identified. subtle and clever. every bit as safe as the Boris Wild deck without the ridiculous problem the BW decks have for court cards. the stealth of the system very clever, yet so very obvious when you're "in the know".

most user friendly marking system I have ever seen. I cant imagine how any alternative system could be any easier... this is so darn simple.

a single routine included with the deck.

If you are a fan of marked decks... this really is amazing. if not, too costly to own as just a souvenir of what is a brilliant system.

10/10 specifically for the quality and the system. BRILLIANT!

I agree

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '07, 19:01
by shaneking
Yes, the ultimate marked deck is wonderful. When I first got this deck I thought that it might be too obvious but somehow it isn't ! I get them to select a card, peek it and leave face down on the table. (I now "read" it). I then ask them to take 4 indifferent cards and to lay all 5 cards face down in a row. I now "read" where their card is. I then give them five ESP cards (Square, circle, star, wavy line and triangle). I ask them to place each of these cards face up on each of the face down cards, remembering where their card is hidden. I then pretend that I can tell when they are lying or telling the truth and with a bit of presentation I whittle the cards down from 5 to 1 and sure enough, their card is the one remaining. They think you're Derren Brown or someone. They don't believe its magic but that somehow you are picking up micro signals from them when you ask "is it this card ?", "its not this card is it ?" etc.
Stunning !

PostPosted: Apr 19th, '07, 20:18
by stepSeven
I like what you're doing with the ESP cards.

It cleans up mid effect (I take it you cover the card back) and it sets out your stall with the spec. i.e. I can do "mental" things - look I have those funny symbol/ESP cards don't I?

I'd be very surprised if "marked cards" even enters the specs mind.

I take it you rate this deck over the Wild one?

PostPosted: Apr 20th, '07, 18:35
by shaneking
Yes, the five face down cards are completely covered by the face up ESP cards. The impact of this trick on the spectator is absolutely dependent on your presentation skills in subtly convincing them that you can tell when they tell the truth and when they lie. Although a trick should not be shown twice this, I believe, is one of those tricks that gets better on the seond go because the spectator is really concentrating now on trying not to give himself away when he lies. Very enjoyable routine !

PostPosted: Apr 21st, '07, 09:20
by B0bbY_CaT
Stepseven, yes i have the Boris Wild MD also. the court cards are too obvious on the BW deck. the rest of the BW deck is fine but there is more to remember. the "Ultimate MD" requires no "additional" knowledge.. simple yet deceptive.

PostPosted: Apr 23rd, '07, 22:33
Difficult to decide between this deck and Ted Lesleys. Both are well marked for an old man like me to read them. One should never fear that the spec will notice any marking if your presentation does not let them have that thought. Make your presentation simple and not involve any reason for having to know what the card is. In other words you must go beyond just the discovery of a card.

PostPosted: Jul 13th, '07, 06:10
by feifei
I highly perfer this over the Boris Wild Marked Deck. The marks on this are not so visible, but its more difficult to see it or say quickly pick a card from the deck as to Boris Wild. Those with not so good eyesight may go for Boris Wild. But the marks on BorisWild are much more obvious, even to some keen eye spectator that doesn't know mark decks exist, they could spot the marks at the back of the decks when spread...

I have heard different views on both Ultimate and BW... its really a personal preference :) Best is use a normal deck.

PostPosted: Jul 13th, '07, 07:28
by DrTodd
These are superbly done! Check out Al Koran's Professcional Presentations for some ideas....

PostPosted: Jul 13th, '07, 10:43
by feifei
The first marked deck i bought was the Ultimate Marked Deck, though I seldom use them, just liked the thought of having them.

Then i also bought Boris Wild Marked Deck, at the same time I bought also Boris Wild lecture DVD produced by InternationalMagic (london) which teaches some tricks and handling of his invention.

To compliment them, i then also bought the book 'Hidden in Plain Sight by Kirk Charles', a book on marked decks.

PostPosted: Aug 7th, '07, 13:57
by coash
I just bought this
Have yet to get someone to try and guess the marking system to see if it really works

what are some other performances besides mind reading

PostPosted: Sep 8th, '07, 00:14
by gaff boy
i got this deck and its great, did some basic card reading tricks and just to not make it obvious got 1 of them wrong, ya know just to add to the patter and make it look really hard, worked a charm i even gave him the deck to look at and he sat there checking EVERYTHING out and didnt see a thing, was quite funny he thought i could see the reflection of the card in his eye and tried working it out lol. I wouldnt always hand out the deck to be inspected though but a fair few people have looked at it and found absolutely nothing, i dont know anything about the other marked decks as ive only ever seen 2 but i cant imagine you could get any better then this.

PostPosted: Apr 3rd, '08, 13:31
by Replicant
I received this today. I also got the Hidden in Plain Sight book, so looking forward to reading that. The deck came with a free trick including the necessary little prop printed on playing card stock. This is a very nice deck indeed and the markings very easy to read (for me at least). OK, at £16 it's not cheap, but I've seen it on sale for anything up to about £25!

PostPosted: Oct 23rd, '08, 08:34
by Kevin Cann
Boris Wild lectured at the Zodiac last night and revealed his new marked deck - The gamblers marked deck. This is the first time he has mentioned it in Europe. It's marked in 6 different ways (on each side of the card) and is also a combined stacked deck, one way deck and stripper deck with bicycle backs. This really is the ultimate marked deck !

PostPosted: Oct 23rd, '08, 09:07
by daleshrimpton
I favour the fornier factory marked cards. much cheaper, and just as hard to spot. yet much easier to read if you know where to look.

but i have to say that i use these, because Im not anal when it comes to back design. If i use these, i just dont use the bikes straight away.

nobody ever questions the backs of cards, except magicians.

PostPosted: Oct 23rd, '08, 10:11
by Replicant
You're right, Dale. I also use Fournier's marked deck (about £8 ) and it works just as well as the Ultimate, if not better, as it's easier to read. The Ultimate is a nice marked deck, but it's too expensive. I'll be sticking with Fournier once my Ultimate wears out.