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Interlace by Richard Sanders

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 13:30
by I.D

Interlace by Richard Sanders

Available From:
Price: £37.99

Difficulty: 2 : some sleights used. This is easy, however, requires practice

The Effect:

Borrow any ring, from any spectator, wave a lighter under it and it's gone! The spectator looks down at your shoe and now, hanging from the loop of your shoelace is their borrowed ring!

The ring is untied and slowly pulled off of the lace and given back to the switches!

No duplicate rings

No switches

No pulls or reels

No Reset - Immediately Repeatable

Angle Proof

Brand new principle in magic

10 amazing handling included

Use sneakers or Dress shoes

Devastating reactions every time!

You never bend down or go anywhere near your shoe at any point during the effect. The same borrowed ring in your hand is the same borrowed ring that ends up hanging from the loop of your shoelace seconds later!

What To Expect:

You will learn how to cause any borrowed ring to vanish and appear tied to your own shoelace! You receive all the props, plus a full length DVD featuring all the moves, tips, handlings and subtleties. Get ready to blow away your audience with Interlace The miracle ring on shoelace.

Comes complete with props, DVD and 24 page, photo-illustrated booklet

What You Get: All the props necessary, a full length DVD with instructions on how to set up the one time prep, how to work the interlace system and 10 mindblowing routines that knocked my bloody socks off when I realised the potential of this!! Also, a booklet which covers the setup and a basic routine.

Opinion: As I mentioned somewhere else, when I opened the package, and layed all the props down on the table, I burst into a fit of laughter, a reaction I dont recall ever having after a purchase.

Disappointed?? Not at all!! I just thought '' Richard Sanders, you are GENIUS!! '' . The props included are well thought out and designed, the DVD is as clear and concise as you can hope for everything is covered in as much detail as you need.

There is a set up, around an hours worth, maybe more maybe less, depending on you as an individual. But the set up is a one time set up that will last you for as long as you wish it to.

The instructions can be quite clearly gathered from the accompanying booklet, the main part of the DVD is obviously the included routines. I wont cover all of them but just the ones that I will probably use.

The classic vanish : this is the one seen in the demo. Using a magic marker, vanish a borrowed ring and it is somehow seen tied to your shoelace where you have been NOWHERE near the entire effect.

Flash Finish: A flash paper handling that will really fool you visually and psychologically!! I love this one. Im a pyro-maniac now. Anyone that works with flash products know the kind of reactions this will get.

Visual Voodoo: A no prop handling where you use nothing but their ring. After a series of amazing vanishes and reappearances (included on the DVD), you finish with the ring appearing on your shoelace. This is great as there is a flurry of vanishes and reappearances in a 15 second sequence and BAM!! its on your shoelace.. WOW!! the mind boggles..

Ring and String: This is an absolute killer way to end a ring and string routine!
Imagine an amazing ring and shoelace routine (included on the DVD) that ends where the ring supposedly penetrates back onto the shoelace in the spectator's hand. The spectator sees that the ring is not there, you pause and say, very slowly, "NOT THAT SHOELACE." You look down at your shoe and this is when you start to hear the SCREAMS and the "NO #&%$@ WAYs" because their ring is actually on the shoelace on your shoe! It doesn't get much stronger than this. The mother of them all, a great ring and string routine and the above says it all.. I can see this getting some really incredible reactions!!

Reset is a breeze, its instant, which for working magicians is a dream as there is no running to the bathroom of bending down behind a table to re-adjust. you clean up and reset in front of your audience while they react so you can walk to the next table and group and you are ready.

There is also a way to do this without all the setup. Personally, I think a little of the drama is taken away, but it does mean you can actually perform this in swimming trunks if you were so inclined.

** edit .. there is also two nice routines using Richards 'Any Ring' handlercheif, which I subsequenly ordered as its a nice little hanky and it would be great to use with interlace **

Easy to perform
Almost as easy to set up
Instant Reset
Pocket management not affected - your pockets are free to use as normal.


One.. I would like to be able to set this up to use with smart and casual wear. though it comes with props for both, the main prop is just singular, so I would need to buy interlaced again or make my own, which I dont know how to.


Nothing like what I imagined it to be, this is a killer principle that will blow you and your audience away.

I have not performed it yet, but have thoroughly studied the booklet, props and watched the DVD 3 times already. You will have so much fun with this and for the working professional.. its one of those closers you HAVE to own as your spectators will remember you forever!!

It looks impossible, it is impossible.. its a borrowed ring tied to your friggin shoelace !! And you didnt put it there !!

9/10.. lost one mark because I need another one. Or is that just want.. :P

** edit * I just been on the Sanders website and you can buy the extra gimmick Im after for just $15.. bargain!! :D ]

still a 9 though ..

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 21:23
by rvoice100
nice review I.D couldnt have put it better!

i had a play around with the no set up one today and it went down brilliantly, the only thing i think im going to have trouble with is the Back load ive tried it a few times and its not playing ball!

awsome effect tho,

and an awsome review, kudos that man!

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 21:35
by LeftEye
Wow that sounds truley spectacular! An hour set up though? After the set up is it impromptu?

This really sounds amazing though thanks for the review!

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 21:35
by The Keymaster
Fantastic detailed review, It looks great. Let me know when your selling it :P

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 22:20
by I.D
Its supposed to be a half hour review.. but us men will need longer than that, trust me..

after the initial set up... completely impromptu.. someone says ' hey buddy, you aint got your cards.. show me some god damn magic '

you say.. '' okidoki .. canI borrow your ring '' and heres how it goes...

'' Look if I take your ring and put it in my hand, it dissapears, and reappears over here, now put it in this hand and its now over here, immediately it jumps to here and you didnt even see it go that time, now all i gotta do is wave my magic marker over the ring and now .. look .. its tied .. to my friggin shoelace!!!! 8)

I knew how the thing worked and in some of the routines I was like '' WHAT THE HELL!!... oh , erm yeh, of course.. got carried away ''

10:04:32am ring in hand
10:04:36am ring on shoelace

thats how fast it can go, though obviously the routine is longer than that

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 22:26
by LeftEye
I am definately going to buy this if you tell me one thing. I don't know if this is classed as exposure or anything and it certainly is not meant to be. If you don't want to answer the question, then don't. But do you need to wave the magic marker over the ring?

Bye bye 40 quid :(

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 22:26
by Rob
I've got this, and still haven't gotten around to setting it up; how long'd it take you ID?

I'm playing around with 'Wonder Web' and Velcro as possibilities, to allow the 'snake' to be repositional (oh - and none of your lewd comments on this, either! :lol: - I don't need any bleedin' vecro for *that*, thank you so much!!)

PostPosted: May 10th, '07, 22:27
by Rob
LeftEye wrote:I am definately going to buy this if you tell me one thing. I don't know if this is classed as exposure or anything and it certainly is not meant to be. If you don't want to answer the question, then don't. But do you need to wave the magic marker over the ring?

Bye bye 40 quid :(

Errm - No, lefteye -you don't!!

Hope that helps!


PostPosted: May 11th, '07, 11:44
by I.D
Left eye.. no is the answer.

You can do this bear handed.. bear chested with your Urangutangs out.. the marker has nothing to do with it.. nor the lighter, nor the silk, nor the zillion ways you can present this.

Oh and its not bye bye £40 its hello killer ending to my routine!! :D

Robsatnley - I havent sey it up properly yet, dont part of it. I have played around with the 'non gimmick' handling if you can call it that :? and that is still cool, but I like the idea of not going near your shoes at all !!

Nice idea with wonder web and velcro.. let me know how you get on, i need to find someone to help me and the other half wont like the fact I let this one slip through the mailbox so cant really tell her just yet :wink:

Im sure your snake is pretty, can I pet it :P

PostPosted: May 11th, '07, 12:38
by Rob

I'm so ashamed that I'm wasting my 200th posting in backing away rather rapidly from this thread, with my chair held defensively in front of me :wink: :lol:

PostPosted: May 11th, '07, 14:29
by I.D
lol.. oh the shame

anywho.. your dragging this thread down so to get it back on track..

Interlace is the bees knees.. buy it 8)

PostPosted: May 18th, '07, 13:52
by Hemphandle
It better be good... I did overdose on Gimmicks for a while but on your say so (and with a little help from the VT) I have taken the plunge...

Bearing n mind I am an amateur how long before I can show the wife and kids..?


PostPosted: May 20th, '07, 05:34
by Hemphandle
Hemphandle wrote:It better be good... I did overdose on Gimmicks for a while but on your say so (and with a little help from the VT) I have taken the plunge...

Bearing n mind I am an amateur how long before I can show the wife and kids..?


OK I thought I should answer my own post for everyone now that it has arrived.

I have to say but I like think of myself as being a serious amateur rather than a genuine magi.

Interlace whilst being truly amazing is probably not for me. It is astoundingly put together and I have promised myself I will dedicate time to it but I all honesty I think it will be 2009 before I think I would be anywhere near confident enough to venture out of my office and try it on the wife.

This really is one that separates the men (or I should say pros) from the boys in my opinion. I would make it a 3/4 rather than a 2 as the setup involves utilising non-magical skills that I just don't seem to posses... velcro... an idea... maybe bluetack ;-)

I must say I do think it is an outstanding piece.... just maybe beyond me!

PostPosted: May 20th, '07, 12:24
by I.D
I thought that initially but

ask your wife to help? she may well posses the necessary skills and then you concentrate on the magic :wink:

very very easy, very strong reactions!!!

PostPosted: May 22nd, '07, 00:59
by x15falcon
that trick sounds really sweet, but i don't understand why you would need to buy it more than once