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Dissolving Coin

PostPosted: Oct 29th, '03, 00:33
by Happy Toad


Cost: a measly £7.50

Effect:The Magician places a coin (2p or 10p) under a cloth directly over a glass of liquid ( water is fine ). The spectator holds the coin, through the cloth, over the glass. On the count of three the spectator releases the coin and hears it fall into the glass. They themselves take the cloth away only to find that their coin has dissolved, the glass holds nothing more than clear liquid!

Had a great reaction to this one. Eyes popping, staring in the glass, then picking it up peering underneath and all around it finally asking me where it had gone in a last desperate attempt at some kind of answer :twisted:

No angles to worry about, can be done one to one or in front of a group, needs a certain amount of quiet at the key point, so that the coin can be heard, but that's about it.

All I can say is for £7.50 it's a no brainer. Great little trick.

Is it the gimmicked one?

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '08, 10:54
by magicurty
I produce a dissolving coin that uses a small gimmick.
Is it the one you bought??
I can't find it on magic shops.. I was wondering tosell them to they...

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '08, 12:34
by Lord Freddie
There is a method in the first Tarbell Course In Magic which does sound like the same method. There is a fun little effect called a Nothing Box which uses the same principle and costs about £4. If you buy one of these, you could technically do both effects, if it is indeed the Tarbell method that is used here.


PostPosted: Feb 16th, '08, 14:56
by magicurty
The one I produce is like the one described on Tarbell course.
Buuut.. with some additions, that I think are much better than the indian version.. I have not checked the adams one.
My gimmick is heavier than others and gives the perfect sensation of a coin weight.
My shot glass is higher and looks perfect when acommoding the gimmick in all angles (many ones I've seem don't have a perfect hiding when viewed by front).
I have seem in many sites a cheap version from an Indian Company, but I really would like to release my versions for magic shops, because i think is a great one. Also I give a few ideas of combination with other routines in the instructions.
any news.. I let you know!

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '08, 15:52
by Ian McCarthy
The one present in the nothing box by magic makers (penguin) is very very light. You don't get the same sound from it. It is made from the cheaper more modern replacement of the material recommended for the gimmick in Tarbell.

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '08, 15:54
by Lord Freddie
Yes, it's lighter than a coin. The best thing to use is a g***s d**c.
Having said that, I have used the one in the Nothing Box and got away with it...

dissoving coin!

PostPosted: Feb 16th, '08, 16:36
by magicurty
if you guys need a g...s d...k, just contact me, as I said I have a great quality maded dissolving coins
here I send the effect and the features of this version...

I have learned this trick years ago, and it's also mentioned in Tarbell's course of magic.

You display a small shoot glass filled with water, and a handkerchief. The spectator can examinate everything. You than borrow him a coin, and give it to be hold under the handkerchief. The spectator is asked to drop the coin into glass and everybody can clearly hear the CLINK! sound of the coin falling inside the glass. The handkerchief is removed and the coin is disappeared like by enchantment.

The Spectator holds all the time the coin under the handkerchief and is basically HIM WHO DOES THE MAGIC!
The water can be poured off the glass in the end proving that is really nothing inside it!
The trick is fast-reset-up, so it can be repeated in seconds!
Does not need ANY KIND OF HARD TECHNIQUES, so almost after read the instructions and some minutes practicing you will be able to make this miracle happens!
A strong effect, impossible to figure out and is 100 safe to perform.

The small shoot glass, in really nice quality.
The special gimmick which allows the trick to be done

All the gimmicks are eletronically cutted, and perfectly finished.
This gimmick is also a bit heavier than other ones, giving perfect sensation of holding a coin!
This shot glass model, looks much nicer in size and it has about 10 cm high! Looks very beautiful and pefectly hides the gimmick in ALL angles!

PostPosted: Feb 17th, '08, 11:29
by magicofthemind
There's a gimmick-free method in Henry Hay's "Amateur Magician's Handbook". He recommends it as a magician-fooler.


I know it

PostPosted: Feb 17th, '08, 16:03
by magicurty
But this is the version that the magician holds the handkerchief, and not the spectator right?
In my routine, I first perform this one, than I follow with the gimmick in spectator's hand, and I finalize with the glass vanishing! the signed coin appears inside the 7 boxes (i don't know the name of this trick in english but in portuguese we call it "caso singular"... Is the plastic small boxes, one inside the other, with elastic bands..)
Guilherme Curty

Re: I know it

PostPosted: Feb 17th, '08, 16:16
by magicofthemind
magicurty wrote:But this is the version that the magician holds the handkerchief, and not the spectator right?

Yes, it is.