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Magic Blood by Trevor Duffy

PostPosted: Sep 27th, '07, 06:53
by archimage

The Effect
The magician asks the pain threshold of a spectator. He then declares that he would like to test that threshold and places a drop of "antiseptic liquid" on the spectators arm. The magician then pulls out a knife and slices the spectators arm. The spectator feels no pain, but their arm is bleeding! Before the spectator can muster up the fear to faint, the magician wipes the wound clean and reveals that no harm has been done to them! This 60 second gag will really get the adrenaline flowing!

Cost $20.00

Difficulty 1
(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Review: I was very suspect of this product. However, I was intrigued by the sample video and bought a pack. I must say it was GREAT. We're currently stocking our magic shop with it in anticipation of Halloween since we've sold them almost as soon as we get them in. All it takes is a demo and it's sold.

Overall: Extremely easy to do and is a great visual. the "knife" prop can be borrowed or use something less threating such as a plastic spork. We've used a plastic magic wand on ourselves since we don't want to scare the kids too much. More of a prank or gag rather than "a magic trick", but still a lot of fun.

PostPosted: Sep 27th, '07, 11:40
by Max Gordon
I really think this is an underesold product. The effect is superb and extemely easy to use.

Having watched Trevor dem this item at his lecture or at his trade stall at conventions, I think is it easy to just see this as the way Trevor presents the effect. I feel it has soooo much more potential. For storytellers, bizarrists (sp) or to add drama to any "dangerous" routine this stuff should not be missed.

PostPosted: Sep 27th, '07, 20:28
by IanKendall
Coincidently, last weekend I was rooting through my box-o-junk with a friend and found the bottles I had bought on a whim in Blackpool.

I'd never opened them, but we though about giving it a go. A how much fun it was.

I'm not sure I would ever use it, but Neil went to get some right away!

Take care, Ian

PostPosted: Sep 27th, '07, 22:05
by FRK
sounds interesting, got a link for me ?



PostPosted: Sep 30th, '07, 06:05
by archimage ... uffy-Trick

two video routines posted in Murphy's Magic