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Imposible Ignition by Koontz

PostPosted: Oct 1st, '07, 19:56
by KING42262

The Effect
Remove a match from a matchbox and hold at your fingertips. Gaze at the match and demonstrate your supernatural powers by causing it to ignite all by itself. Additionally you can cause the match to first produce smoke and only then to ignite.

Regular match.
Works with most common matches.
No special moves of any kind.
Ignite the match at your command.
Very easy to use.
Electronic hidden gimmick that does all the work for you.

Comes complete Ignition Device, 1 AAA battery, gimmicked Matchbox, cleaning kit and photo-illustrated instruction sheet.

$75 Hocus Pocus .
Havent seen it in any uk dealers as of yet.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

id give it a 1
Have yet to perform this live ,but from what i recieved im quite happy
The Gimmick is very small /james bond style and i like it im just gonna have to be carefull as it could break if your heavy handed.

overall id give it 8.5/10
very easy to perform

PostPosted: Oct 1st, '07, 20:11
by FRK
Great review,
my only problem with any match effect is trying to come up with a reason a reformed smoker is carrying a box of matches around.

As well as the matchbox rattle as I walk… any ideas ??

PostPosted: Oct 2nd, '07, 07:32
by nikyas
do we require sleeves? or the gimmick is hidden somewhere else?

ignition impossible

PostPosted: Oct 2nd, '07, 08:54
by KING42262
no sleeves required ,peformed it for the first time ,i left the gimmick in my hand and carfully put it away along with the matchbox .

PostPosted: Oct 2nd, '07, 11:08
by nikyas
Any preparation needed or can be done impromptu-ish?

impossible ignition

PostPosted: Oct 2nd, '07, 11:28
by KING42262
yeah impromptu-ish 2sec setup ,then you show the matchbox give it a shake if u wish remove a match then ignite it you can then give out the match if required
If your at all familiar with the effect AUTO-MATCH-IC BY El Duco
then imagine something very similiar but electric .
The matchbox you can choose to use or not it just protects the gimmick and allows you to show the matchbox then remove a match thats setup .
or you could just show the match then proceed with the effect ,you dont need the matchbox for the ignition ......hope this is a bit more help !

PostPosted: Oct 2nd, '07, 21:56
by kevsashark
my only problem with any match effect is trying to come up with a reason a reformed smoker is carrying a box of matches around.

do you have to tell them you're a reformed smoker? and if you do, can you play it off as a joke like "well, you never know when you might want to un-reform"? otherwise, tell them you own a large share in a candle factory and that you're the guy who tests the new scents. or, you could be a newly reformed smoker who has a box of matches in every jacket, and you just forgot to take these out. I would go with the funny reaons myself. :D

PostPosted: Oct 2nd, '07, 22:54
by Tom Lauten
Sounds like one might want to see a video first before investing.

Pyrokenisis is a fantastic idea but...

Is this an "at fingertips" effect or is their heavy-fisted fumbling to be done?

Is their a controllable delay between (some how) "extracting" the match from its box and it igniting?

Is the match openly and cleanly removed from the box or is this a "covered" maneuver? Etc. etc.

ignition impossible

PostPosted: Oct 2nd, '07, 23:25
by KING42262
The match is held at your fingertips but some cover is needed for the gimmick,likewise when removing the match from the box but once you have the the match you have total control on the ignition

PostPosted: Oct 4th, '07, 21:33
by Vipen
Can it be done fairly close-up?
You mentioned it could break, if so would you be able to fix it?

PostPosted: Oct 27th, '07, 09:15
by Tom Lauten
Any further feedback now that this has been around for awhile?

Is it still working?

Have you performed it a lot?

What have the reactions been?

PostPosted: Oct 29th, '07, 11:21
by Yorkshire Pudding
Could this be adapted in some way to use as a discrete way of igniting flash paper?