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ABYSS - The Revolutionary Coin in Bottle

PostPosted: Oct 5th, '07, 09:41
by Vipen

Abyss – The Revolutionary Coin in Bottle
(Not to be confused with ‘Abyss – The Ultimate Coin in Bottle’ which has been around for a number of years - ).

The Effect: (copied & pasted from the ad’s description)

The Enchantment presents ABYSS - The Revolutionary Coin in Bottle. Now you can perform the Ultimate Coin in Bottle routine with more revolutionary means, more possibilities, more practicality, and more impact.


The magician visually pushes a borrowed coin through and into an ordinary bottle. It is so visual people swear there must be a hole in the bottle. But the bottle is completely normal; free of any holes, slits, or openings of any kind. The coin is completely normal as well. That’s right. The coin and the bottle are both ordinary, everyday, common items. No trick bottles, no trick coins. Everything is regular. The next kicker is that the coin is genuinely trapped inside the bottle and impossible to get out. The coin is far too large to get in or out of the bottle and remains fixed permanently in this impossible condition.

But that is not all...

The bottle is 100% Completely Sealed! The seal is unopened and has never been tampered with in any way…ever! Finally, this completely sealed bottle, with a coin trapped inside, that is too large to get in or out of the bottle, can be immediately handed out to your spectators for thorough examination, and as an astonishing keepsake. Needless to say, this is a genuine reputation maker.

ABYSS is packed full of totally new and original concepts, techniques, unbound possibilities, self-working presentations, as well as an authentically signed small coin in permanently sealed bottle routine where you give away an incredible souvenir.
• Highly Visual
• Ultra Quick Set-up
• Incredibly Practical
• Not Limited to Coins
• Suitable for a Multitude of Countries & Currencies
• Everything is Immediately Examinable
• Bottle May Be Empty, Full, or Completely Sealed
• Can Be Performed 360 Surrounded & End Completely Clean
• Produces an Incredible Souvenir in an Impossible Condition
• A Permanent & Everlasting Reputation Maker
This is pure, straight-forward, visual magic that is otherwise impossible on so many levels. The possibilities will excite and inspire you. The simplicity and ingenuity will surprise you. This is not merely a trick, but a genuine miracle that can be done virtually anywhere. There have been many releases that have emulated ABYSS since it was first released, but the ultimate is still the Ultimate!

Cost £11.99 at

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

From 1 to 3 (with many self-working methods and some that use sleights)

Surprisingly to some, the ad is true.
I have the old Abyss so I didn’t doubt the possibility of this ad.

This new Abyss blows away the old one. If you know the old one, you know the set-up was both time consuming and sometimes difficult. With the new Abyss, not only is there the addition of the sealed bottle feature, but the set-up is almost automatic. However, you will need a very brief period in private. Also, you carry very little to nothing with you to do this trick. These features make it especially practical.

Another key point to make is that unlike the old Abyss, this one has no clean-up.

The ad says this is a reputation maker and it is. You give away an impossible object. They keep it, go home with it, show their friends, word spreads…
I had great success with the old Abyss, this one is even more impossible.

Overall I don’t think you can go wrong here. It is an amazing trick with a killer outcome. It is the kind of trick you will have a lot of opportunities to perform because coins and bottles are everywhere, and the set-up is so practical. I have bought a number of other coin in bottle tricks that are on the market, some are quite good, but this one has it all. Highly Recommended because magicians will definitely use this.

Abyss Demo[/url]

PostPosted: Oct 6th, '07, 10:59
by Jordan C
Nice..... good job I have no money till I get paid or I could be going for a CUPS session lol

Instead I will have to make this a considered purchase lol, I do like these types of effects cos they really help out in the pub when bright park shouts "show us a trick then magi"

PostPosted: Oct 6th, '07, 11:24
by Mr Ben
this effect does look extremely good...

"Is it a bird, is it a plane? No! It's SuperCUPS!" :wink:

PostPosted: Oct 6th, '07, 11:42
by Jordan C
VIPEN Could you upload a video of you doing it all?

PostPosted: Oct 6th, '07, 16:18
by Vipen
I'm so mad because my camera broke a few months ago. I've been dying to get a new one so I'll probably buy myself a nice Christmas present in a few months.

If someone does shout "show us a trick" you'll need to get away for a moment to do the set-up. It is quick, but is not something you can do in front of them. You can do a small coin on the spot or you might be able to do the signed small coin in sealed bottle prep. without them knowing though. Its always good to have a folding coin as a back-up. I like Impervious too for an on the spot coin in bottle but both it and Abyss use small coins for on the spot.

PostPosted: Oct 6th, '07, 17:19
by .:Ham:.
Thanks for the review! The effect sounds great!


PostPosted: Oct 9th, '07, 02:55
by Frymus
hey, do you absolutely believe this is woth all the money?

i dont have the old abyss or any other coin in bottle. I have been waiting over a year for ellusionist to come out with their coin in bottle. It is finally coming out this month as they said. but, i think it will be quite expensive for me. So, do you recommend me getting this coin in bottle or wait and probably pay more for the other coin in bottle?


Ps. im new to this forum... where do we ask about pre-purchase products.

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '07, 10:22
by Johnny Wizz
I presume that the coin cannot be signed?

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '07, 11:12
by moonbeam
I know it says that the bottle is examinable - but just how examinable is it :?:

(Please say it's not fully examinable, or I'm gonna feel the dreaded CUPS coming on again :? )

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '07, 16:36
by Mr Ben
i dont have the trick whizz, but i think there is a signed coin version.

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '07, 17:23
by Vipen
Everything is totally examinable. You don't have to worry about them somehow finding some clue because there is nothing to find. As someone said in the other thread about the old one its "uber-examinable".

There is a signed small coin you can do. Its not earth shattering, but you do give away the bottle with the spectator's signed coin sealed inside. For all other methods the coin can not be signed by the spectator.

Sorry moonbeam, I just read your comment in ()'s lol, it is fully examinable...don't blame me.

I don't know about coin in bottles that are not on the market. The ones you are talking about are going to be two different things and the cost of each is not known. For what is on the market, Abyss Revolutionary is about half the cost of any other.
I do recommend this because I think people will use it. Its not like an ID when if you don't have it with you, you can't do it. Even if you have nothing on you and walk into a pub unprepared, you can do the set-up in private pretty fast. Then do the trick.

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '07, 18:27
by Jordan C
Stop with this praise..... the day of CUPS is near..... prob sat lol..... :)

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '07, 20:53
by moonbeam
Jordan C wrote:Stop with this praise..... the day of CUPS is near..... prob sat lol..... :)

Wanna bet that I resist the CUPS urge longer than you :?:

Hmm ... on second thoughts, I retract that :? .

PostPosted: Oct 9th, '07, 21:07
by Vipen
Keep in mind this is not some magic pill that will let you do real magic. Don't expect a miracle here.
There are cons like if someone hands you a bottle and say "do that coin in bottle trick," you will want to have a folding coin then.
Also, not every way of doing it (there are a lot) can be done surrounded.
That's all I can think of at the moment, but you get the idea.

PostPosted: Oct 13th, '07, 03:06
by k88
Wow I haven't posted on these boards in awhile!

I've always been interested in coin in bottle effects or anything in bottle effects, I still haven't come across one that suits my needs. :lol:

I had the old Abyss but to be honest I detested it, I thought it wasn't practicle enough, the set up was too complicated and I didn't like the clean up.

Vipen, I know you liked the first one, but is the new Ultimate version alot better than the Revolutionary? Anything at all like the old version?

Everything I'm hearing sounds good so far :D

Is the item you need to carry around, large?