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PostPosted: Oct 13th, '07, 06:03
by Vipen

I understand completely about how you feel about the first one. The set-up made it so you couldn't do it as practical as one would like. The clean-up was optional if you used the method that required it and made it an extra nuscence (sp?).

The strength of the trick and the reactions it got made it worth it for me to do, but at the same time it wasn't practical enough for me to do it all the time.
That was the old Abyss.
The new Abyss eliminates all of the above.

There is no clean-up.

When you asked how large is anything you need to carry around, I know what you are asking, the answer is you don't carry anything :D Seriously. That's one of the reasons this is so much more practical. Also, the set-up is simple, unlike before.
I should say so that other people reading this don't get confused, there is another item or two that you can carry if you want to. Both are very small, one you keep in your wallet or billfold.

Sometimes when you buy magic and open up the package you think to yourself, aww, I'm never going to use this :(
You won't feel that way with the new Abyss. It's something that you won't have a problem finding a way or opportunity to use.

A correction to make is the new one is titled 'Revolutionary'.

PostPosted: Oct 13th, '07, 11:17
by k88
*Opens wallet looking for money...but see's cobwebs instead*

Another item added onto my list >_<!

Thank you for your help Vipen!

PostPosted: Oct 13th, '07, 14:04
by Jordan C
Click for another review, what are your comments on this Vipen?

They all seem to be saying on ellusionist forum (both in that thread and a couple of others) that you can't borrow a bottle!

PostPosted: Oct 13th, '07, 14:22
by katrielalex
Thank goodness it's out of stock at magicshop or I would have bought it on the spot. I carry around a bottle of water to school anyway :D.

Looks good to me!


PostPosted: Oct 13th, '07, 18:15
by Vipen
I'm glad you can see other people's opinions on this.
You can see I said a few times in this thread that someone can't just hand you a bottle and you do the trick on the spot. You could do it on the spot with a borrowed bottle if you use a small coin like most other coin in bottle tricks on the market, if you wanted to.
It looks like the other people that actually got the new Abyss gave it a 9/10 and a 9.1/10.
I would comment the bottle can be totally sealed. They take it home or open it themselves. It is the real thing and with a fast set-up.

Something to keep in mind when you read threads about any coin in bottles put out on the market is that a lot of the ellusionist fans continue to bash everything regardless of how good or bad it is that isn't from the ellusionist. The truth is one of the ellusionist coin in bottles is the exact same method that was printed in the old Abyss, its also in the new Abyss. The only difference is they use a small coin instead of a big coin. So it is a little funny when they bash one coin in bottle and praise another when the one they are praising is from the one they are bashing. :lol:

katrielalex- If you always have water bottles at school, you'll be doing this everyday. It will be your claim to fame.

PostPosted: Oct 14th, '07, 01:12
by Jordan C
I know all too well the blinkered lives that are mostly led at ellusionist.... but one thing keeps jumping out (but I'm damned if I can find the right thread now lol) is that apprentice magis seem to rate this highly whilst experienced ones say it is great but fallible!!

I'm a bad one for rushing out on the idea of how a trick may work and buying it only to be disappointed with silly little nuances, I just wondered how you felt the no borrowed bottle actually works out - is it a hindrance?

I can imagine randomly saying (after setup) "hey, this'll do ya head in guys" and then doing the effect but say you are on a roll in the pub for instance and you want to finish your little reparte of tricks with ABYSS REV, difficult? possible? (sorry I am a little drunk and if I am not making sense I'll correct myself tomo!!)

PostPosted: Oct 16th, '07, 17:06
by Mr Ben
I suppose the main thing is practicality - the old abyss was noted to be a bit 'unpractical' in real-world situations, is this because of the fact that you need to prepare the bottle beforehand?

PostPosted: Oct 17th, '07, 00:33
by Vipen
Some detailed reviews from people who have it ... st=5228704 ... st=5241648

If you need to use a borrowed bottle then use a small coin or a folding coin. Just because Abyss is possible to use big coins, doesn't mean you have to. No other coin in bottle trick uses big coins. For me I'd rather spend 30 seconds to do a stronger trick, but that is only how I like to perform and isn't the same for everyone.

PostPosted: Oct 20th, '07, 11:54
by Mr Ben
Walking down to the post office now to get the parcel :wink:
Back shortly with my opinions...

Mr Ben

PostPosted: Oct 20th, '07, 17:05
by Mr Deck
I have all the kevin Parker tricks all half price now when you get them all.
click here view all 6

Abyss works well for me best of all is you can use a glass bottle, seems to me it's a better impact.



Best bottle to use?

PostPosted: Aug 13th, '08, 10:49
by rburns50
Hi all, having purchased the Abyss coin in a bottle - I am wondering what in your experience is the best bottle (make / brand etc) to use for this?

Those who have the trick should understand why I am asking :)